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hello to all that have spoke/or got to know my mum (rose) in the past months.

my name is jenny. i am roses daughter. mum has requested that i write this blog to let those of you whom are interested no that mums had an opperation yesturday on her throat (a tracerostomy) to help her breath, this has been sussesful and mum is in docc or icu.....

she has not got copd!!!! the doctor dieagnosed wrongly.... the reason mum had brealthing is due to a growth in her troat pushing against her wind pipe slowly restricting her air way....

the docs have done a biopsy and we are waiting for results...... thanks jenny

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Thanks so much for letting us know Jenny. I am so sorry your mum had to go through this but so very, very pleased that she does not have COPD. Please pass on my love and best wishes to her.



PS Let her know that not having COPD does not let her off posting on here. It will be a much sadder place if we don't have Rose. Am xx

Oh gosh! Thanks Jenny for letting us know. What a shock for you all. Please send her all my very best wishes and I hope the test results are good. Please let us all know how she gets on. I am sure others will be posting their good wishes too.

Lynne xxx

Thank you Jenny for letting us know how she is and send her my love and prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery and how wonderful she doesn't have c.o.p.d.! what a 'mis-diagnosis'! keeping positive thoughts for a good test result and sending big hugs to you both,Carol x :)

How sure are we that it was a mis-diagnosis? Thinking abut that - it takes an op. to prove a full diagnosis but I could be wrong. Will look forward to see lyndie rose back when she is better.

Great news on your mum not having COPD Jenny, and all good wishes to her for the results of the biopsy. I hope she makes a swift and complete recover :)

You must be very relieved that the operation is over with.

Thank you Jenny. I hope she gets well soon and will still post on here.

Thanks Jenny

Give rose my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I assumed she had laryngitis like I had a couple of weeks ago, tell her we will be waiting for her to brighten our days like before.


Wow thanks for letting us know. Please give your mum all my love and hugs and kisses.

Am so pleased she hasn't got COPD but tell her thats no excuse for going back to smoking!!

Hope she is feeling better soon.

You sound like a lovely caring daughter - I bet she is so proud of you

Bev xxxxxx

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Rose. Thank you Jenny!

Please wish her all the best, hope she gets well soon x x x


Get well soon Rose, so pleased you haven't got copd. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. xxxxx

Hi Jenny, please send Rose my love and best wishes for a positive outcome of the biopsy, I had send her a private message as I knew she was going to see the consultant and was worried as she had not come back on.

Please if you can, let us know how she is getting on until she can message us herself.

Stay positive Rose I am looking forward to you making me laugh again soon.

polly xx

Please give your mum our best wishes for a speedy recovery and although she now has not COPD we want to see her back on the BLF Blog. xxxx

Best wishes to you and your mum Jenny x

Wonderful news that she doesn't have COPD, please send my good wishes to her for a speedy recovery.

Kim xxxxxx

All the best to Lyndie Rose. I haven't been in this forum for long but I was one of those having a go about her smoking. Tell we are thi

nking about her. Seems this message got sent before it was finished whilst I was out.

thanks Jenny, your mam was very good to me when I joined as Im from Irelandm great news no COPD, tell her Im sending big hug xxx and to get well really soon xxxx

Wishing her a speedy recovery,so glad she does not have COPD.

Lornadoon xxx


Please give your Mum my warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.

Merry Christmas to you all



What a great Christmas Present Rose to you and your family, not having COPD.

Wishing you a speedy recovery from the tracheostomy and the best Christmas.

Thanks Jenny for letting us all know.

Good wishes zoee x

Brilliant news, hope she's soon up and about again, lv to you both xx

Thank you Jenny, tell mum I'm thinking of her, and that I wish her a speedy recovery, want to see her back here x x x

So glad it's not COPD/Emphysemia.

Hope everything goes well with the results (i'm sure it will). Hope the recovery is quick and your Mum will be back to her old self again.

Wishing you and the family all the best.


Great news your Mum doesn't hae COPD - sorry she had to go through this trauma to find out though and sincerely hope for a good outcome with the biopsy.

Sending love and gentle hugs to your Mum - we are looking forward to seeing her post when she feels well enough. Thank you Jenny.


It would not be the same without the humour here, we need more soon as can be well enough be with us again. Let the family enjoy quiet while it is only a thought what will be said when returned once more. xx

Glad to hear that she has had the correct diagnosis but what a nightmare to get there. Hope that from now she is on the path to recovery and feels much better. Thank you for posting letting us all know. Love to your Mum and you. TAD xx

I wish your mum well Jenny but would be very concerned about a GP and hospital doctors who can't tell the difference between COPD and a growth in the throat.

Hi Jenny,

Please give your Mum my warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.

Take care

Dave xxx

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