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i think i have muscle loss due to copd,

but my scales say get off fatty, I have gone back up tp 16 stone, I have diabetes as well, any ideas on whats going on?

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We tend to exercise less so some loss of muscle tone is to be expected. Also, some medications (eg Lansoprozole) can cause muscle weakness. Or maybe it is something else entirely. If it is bothering you check it out the next time you see your doc. PS my scales are broken in the same way as yours, constantly believing I am putting on weight! ;)

Like you I am on Lansoprozole, but my muscle loss was happening before I started taking this drug, if you turned me side ways you would beleive your'e looking at an apple on a stick, I have had a lot of weight loss in the past nearly 3 stone, then I was told i had diabetes 2, but now I am back to 16 stone and that has happened since june/july of this year, mind you I do have a problem with dark chocolate.

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Agree auntymary that we tend to exercise less, but if you go to a pulmonory rehab class you can change all that! Talk to your COPD or asthma nurse about it. Exercise is very important for us.

I have done PR and do exercise, just commenting that there tends to be a reduced exercise tolerance as the disease progresses. It does not stop my scales though :)

Exercise ????!!!!!!, I work as a painter & decorator, I am up & down ladders all day plus I have a very mad dog that does not understand the word sit or stop, maybe I might be doing the wrong exercise, you could have something.

I have the same problem my right arm seems to have lost muscle- I also have type 2 diabetes- I read that taking certain mixture of medication can cause " Myopathy " loss of muscle-when I pointed this out to GP and diabetic nurse they just shrug and say the good that the drugs are doing,outway the side effects-my Deltoid muscle has disappeared and I have no strength to pick up a full kettle-today I noticed at work that my hand was shaking with the effort of holding a mug of coffee !!!!!

I have the same problem, I know that 42 years of prednisilone have not helped!!!

I have been on 20mg a day of prednisilone for 2 years now and have put on weight even though I exercise daily. Is this a problem you have had to deal with. I am living with fibrosing alveolitis but seem to be holding my own. The steroids certainly made an instand impact and Improved my breathing overnight. Its good to here from somebody who has been on prednisilone for such a long time. I have heard that other side effects can be muscle loss and bone weakening, have you noticed any of these. What is the dose you are taking?

I am on a maintenance dose of 5mgs. I can't come off it now because I no longer make the steroid naturally.

I did develop osteoporosis but was treated with weekly fozamax for years and my bone mass increased, I now need yearly density scans to make sure there is no deterioration. I certainly have muscle loss. Periodically I have to take high doses when I have an exacerbation and then I get no sleep. But I don't think I would be here if I hadn't been on it.

I belive the Muscle loss we get with COPD is due to an enzime our brains put out to fight the infection this eats up the protin in our Muscles i eat lots of high proin food red meat ect

and as much exercise as I can manage gym twice a week tai chi classes all help to keep my muscle loss to a mininum also helps with breathlessness it works for me

Ok I understand what you are saying, but red meat for a diabetic is a no go. A work colleage tryed to get me involved with tai chi some years back, but no i am my own worst , so that is the reason for why i am here, I also think that the body has its own time line, I mean we are given a date when we are born but the body has no knowledge of time as we see it, but it does have cell count so with this in mind the body can be older than the years we have been on the planet.

I just have copd and a bit of arthrits but at 65 i dont look or act my age I also conoie at week ends anythink that gets me out of breath in a controled way bilds up your lungs i was diagnosed 7 years ago gave up smokeing and have been keeping fit since doing PR my fev 1 has gone from 290 up to 515 so it does work for some hope you find a way to control yours

best of luck mate

I,m on a low maintenance steroid besides all the usual drugs,inhalers etc.my weight has dropped to 6st.10lb. I seem to have lost all my muscles in my arms and legs,so my husband has kindly bought me a rowing machine for my birthday,(66 today).cant wait to try it out.x

Many happy returns of the day.

Excellent advice,we are always able to do a little more than we think we can do, Keep moving is so important!!

Cheers Wendells

Yes your'e right, if you don't use it you will lose it, it's a pitty that the fat dose not leave you the way the musle seems too.

Keep Happy


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