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Advice Please

Over the last year or so l am sick when my chest gets tight does anyone have this problem. l cough and cough and am not able to take any Ventolin or oxygen until everything subsides, l can't tell you amount of washing this is causing as it comes out of the blue. I have had a Hiatus Hernia check and that's okay. l have IPF and my windpipe gets sore with the constant coughing l was wondering if other IPF suffers have this as l am now getting worried. My GP has just changed my anti reflux which l am due to start. l had to come off Ometprazol as that was making me worse so the GP has just started me on something different. I'm not sure if this is normal when the chest get's tight.

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This sounds nasty buddygirl. I don't have IPF so cannot really help. Do you have a consultant? If so. perhaps it is something you need to raise with them. If not, I would ask for a referral. In the meantime, you could try ringing the BLF helpline for advice.


Hi Buddygirl

Cough is quite a difficult symptom to manage in IPF however the suggestions are to try a linctus such as simple linctus or codeine linctus and antimucolytic drugs to manage sputum N- acetylcysteine is helpful in managing cough. The only other drug which has any clinical trials underway to manage cough is thalidomide, however this would be prescribed by a hospital.




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