Hi could somebody please try and explain to me why I am tired all the time, meaning no energy to do anything just wanting to sleep. I can wake up at this silly time and about 1hr later I will want to sleep again, all in all I can sleep on and off for about 12/14hrs aday. I also get up nearly everyday with a bad headache which I find difficult to get rid of, I have mild COPD, Asthma and had a TIA about 2yr ago. Hope somebody can shed some light on this Thanks Julia xx Take Care Everyone x

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  • I'd say the best person to shed light would be a doctor. You need someone sympathetic though, have you got a good COPD or asthma nurse at your practice? If so I'd give her a try. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

  • Will do and thanks anyway x

  • Having copd makes you tired but yours sounds more than usual. Have you had any blood tests done lately? You may be anaemic or be having a bit of a thyroid problem (that happened to me a bit back) As Sylvsmum says see your practice nurse or g.p. Good luck.

  • Hi, I think you need to see your Doctor. It might be that when you do sleep you are not sleeping properly I have read that COPD sufferers sometimes also suffer with sleep apnea. My husband goes through stages of sleeping badly and waking with very bad headaches. It is miserable to be tired all the time. Ask the Doctor or your practise nurse. Hope you find an answer. TAD xx


  • As above, you do need medical advice on this. One little thing, non medical but helps me, heating on make sure window open somewhere. I have a Sunvic thermostat which can regulate heating and hold it at 18 degrees with rad's at 3 on the dial. Window open in lounge of the flat and all internal doors open to allow fresh air through. Heating and windows shut down when I go to bed. I will say I did have a bit of a fight with the council about replacing the old thermostat, freeze or boil take your pick, but when I insisted that with COPD you need to be warm enough to move or sit comfortably without struggling to breath hot dry air they caved in.( I a put in a complaint when the refused without giving a reason) Hope you get a resolution soon.


  • I just think your body is working hard to keep you breathing,

    Some great advice offered here,hope your problem is resolved soon.


  • Hi you need profesional advice as thire are meny things that can cause this I.E iron deficen

    please remember that if you dont call them they wont know so Look after yourself so we can hear from you againe happy holliday bob

  • thanks to all I am making a app to see my GP over this xx

  • Hi Julia,

    Have a word with your GP or Respiratory Specialist and explain to them what's happening. It could be that you're suffering from (Obstructive) Sleep Apnoea. You could be involuntarily stopping breathing while you're asleep without even realising it, which leads to a drop in oxygen levels in the brain, which prompts the brain to wake you up to take a breath again. It's an ongoing cycle which goes on all night, but means you don't actually get any deep (good) sleep. This results in you waking up absolutely exhausted, with a headache due to the lack of oxygen, and spending your waking hours feeling like you're walking through treacle. On the upside, it is easily manageable.

    I had what sounds like a similar problem to you, but just put it down to my COPD and Sarcoid. It was my Respiratory Consultant who suggest I go for an overnight sleep test, and once the OSA was diagnosed, I was given what's called a CPAP Machine, which I use every night and have never slept or felt better.

    One more suggestion, do the Epworth Sleepiness Test. Be completely honest with yourself when you do it, and take the results with you to your doctor. A version of it can be found here: blf.org.uk/Page/Epworth-Sle...

    Good luck!


  • Hi Ells, I have just done the Epworth test and the results show that I may have OSA so I am going to make a app with my GP about it . thanks again Julia xx

  • You're very welcome.

    Good luck with your appointment. Let us know how you get on.

    Ells x

  • Hi,

    I agree with everyone that your symptoms sound like OSA. I also think it could be worth asking about CO2 retention. This would explain the headaches on waking. I always used to wake with severe headaches until I was diagnosed as a CO2 retainer, sometime after the COPD diagnosis. The treatments for OSA and CO2 retention are similar and very effective. Good luck with your appointment.

  • Thankyou to you all, I think that you may have hit the nail on the head with whats wrong, thats why I love this site because people are so helpful and kind even though they dont know you. Sometime I wish the docters were as easy to talk to as everybody on here, love and best wishes to all Julia xxxxxxx

  • Hi I had this last month and it turned out to be I was very low on frolic acid,I had 4weeks on them and have to wait three weeks after finnishing them to have bloods done again. Do go have a blood test done thay help mexgood luck

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