Oxygen saturation levels?

Today I attended my COPD review and was told that my Peak flow was at 220 and my oxygen saturation level was waivering between 94 to 95. Can anyone tell me what this means please?

I have been told that I am going to be referred to the community respiratory nurse. I suffer with copd and severe Emphysema in both lungs, but of late have been experiencing overwhelming sob.

Any info would be gratefully received. Thank you :)

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  • I too have severe Emphysema . Oxygen sats of 94 to 95% is quite good. Mine are 88-90% at rest which is on the borderline of being to low. It drops a lot more under excursion. Most people are between 96-99%.

    Peak flow is the amount of gas you can force out in the first second. Mine is about 230. I think normal is in the 400 area.

    I used to get very bad SOB until I was given the correct medicine.

    Have you had a proper lung test at your local hospital yet ?

  • Yes, I have had a proper lung test at the local Respiratory clinic 2 years ago. I also had to undergo a ct scan at that time.

    I am prescribed Seretide,2 puffs night & day. Tiotropium, 1 per day and Salbutamol " puffs, when needed. (I also take 15 tablets for heart disease and two tablets for depression).

  • I seem to have followed you. Same inhalers and a few drugs for heart as I had a small attack about 18 months ago and had a stent put in. Tablets are mainly for preventative though. Aspirin, simvastatin, etc.

  • No heart attack but I do have a stent fitted, now 3 years since. Further narrowing discovered at this time but when medication was 'tweaked' it saved me from having another area stented :) Glad to hear that you haven't had any more problems either.

    :) :) :)

  • My attack was very minor. When I went into A&E and they said I had angina ( and that I'd had a heart attack a week or two before !! I didn't even know about it !! ) and I should stay in, they gave me oral medicine and a jab in my stomach each day. From the very first dose of medicine I never had angina pain again. This was before the stent was put in.

  • Peak flow measures the fastest rate of air flow from your lungs. It's best to keep a recording of what is normal for you. Peak flows are like spirometry in that your age, sex and weight are taken into account to work out your predicted values i.e. the % of what someone else of your age, sex and weight without lung disease would expect to be. Bit tired and not sure if I have explained this very well.

    Love XXX

  • Thank you for suggesting this and I will most certainly do this from now on. You explained it perfectly :) x

  • I have an annual COPD check, and the specialist nurse at our surgery always gives me a print out (1 A4 sheet), so that I can then compare them with previous years print outs when I get home.

    At the last check in October the test showed that I had the lungs of a 90 year old. I am actually 70 and have moderate to severe COPD.

  • I shall ask for a printout next time I have a spirometry test! I would be envious of a peak flow reading over 200! Cor, my very best score is 170 and usually 150. Last spirometry test I had was told I have 55% use of my lungs, which look like over inflated balloons after Christmas.

  • Hi, My husband has severe COPD and his peak flow rate can be dismal - he would be happy with yours!! His SATS levels are at rest between 90 to 93%. So yours are looking good! If your are being referred to the community respiratory nurse perhaps you could ask about pulmonary rehabilitation. My husband did this course - was life saver for him - showed him how to increase his fitness levels in a safe environment and gave him lots of information about COPD and his medication.

    My husband has quite bad SOB at the moment but he is always worse in winter and particularly when the weather is so cold - today is a bad day!

    Good luck TAD xx

  • In Sept. I was diagnosed with yet another chest infection and at that time my peak flow was measured at 240. This time it has dropped to 220 and I think this has caused concern. Sufficient enough for me to be refered to the community respiratory nurse. It may be down to the addtional fact that I also suffer with Ischaemic heart disease. Unfortunately I'm not medically qualified so I don't really know.

    I have previously attended Pulmonary rehab., usually carried out at our community hospital but because of heart problems, under instuction of my respiratory consultant, I have to attend it at the main hospital. The staff were wonderful but I must admit that the sessions were taken up purley with exercise and no information was given at all.


  • Ischaemic heart disease ? Me too ! I go to PR. I had a recent echocardiogram which showed all normal and ok in the heart department. To be honest, I haven't bothered to worry about my heart for a year now. It's been plodding along ok for ages.

  • What a shame - maybe a local Breath Easy Group might help. My Husband joined a local one, just meets once a month and go on little outings! But they have a lot of information as well. Actually it was the information that was so useful to him. Perhaps the BLF helpline could advise and might have some information they could give you. Good luck TAD xx

  • What does SOB stand for? Just being nosey! Cusbarb

  • Sorry for the abbreviation but never class yourself as being nosey. If we didn't ask questions, we would never learn anything :) xxx

  • SOB means short of breath

  • Short of breath I think

  • Doh! Thank you. It's always the simple ones that I don't get.

  • Peak Flow copd why ?

  • Pardon me for asking, but I don't understand your post. Please elaborate :)

  • i have had a nasty 2yrs , 2 doses pneumonia [ last 1 8wks ago] and last yr a stint in hdu for a heart problem , at present my peak flow regular is 350 but oxygen sat today gp says down to 90 , my confidence has all gone via walking after a bad fall last year , any advice please please ,

  • Hi, I doubt anyone will respond here because this is a 4-year-old post. Try asking again on here:


    Just click on Write a post (top right) and away you go. :)

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