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Hiatus hernia!


I have bronchiectasis, asthma and also have trouble with my hiatus hernia. It wasn't such a problem until my GP changed it because tests had shown that it couldn't be taken with the anticoagulant I was taking. I am having more and more heartburn. Various foods affect. I am seeing my GP to go back to the emeprasole (spelling) I was taking.

I think there is a connection between HH and chest conditions. Does anyone know anything about these.

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Also have bronchiectasis, asthma and hiatus hernia and take esomeprazole a drug classed as a PPI. There is a link between reflux and bronch and I know lots of bronchs who take PPIs. Know quite a few who have recently tried to come off them but have had to go back on them again.

I am really sorry you have the added problem of your anticoagulant not being compatable with taking esomeprazole. I really hope the doc can come up with an alternative drug which will help you. In the meantime you might find a chat with your pharmacist. They know what you are taking and are obviously very knowledgeable. Mine pharmacist is just brilliant.

Heartburn is a miserable thing to have and I hope you get sorted soon annie.

Love C XXX

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Thanks for your advice. Still not feeling good. |Chance I can see the dr. tomorrow. In the meantime, I am ringing my pharmacist. Bye Annie80

I took domperidone for sickness/heartburn when it came with Menieres disease and I had severe vertigo - it worked a treat at getting rid of the heartburn and is not the same kind of drug as omeprazole - might be worth asking to try, if the Doc. thinks it is safe..... TTFN Gill

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Appreciate your advice, Gidge. I will speak to my pharmacist this afternoon and see the dr tomorrow. Say to myself, a nuisance but not life threatening. Didn't help that I was kept awake by a rattly chest last night.

Sometimes have heartburn/indigestion which seems to be worse these days due to COPD meds, eg, Phyllocontin which I use for COPD/Asthma. PPI's make no difference so by trial and error I manage it by watching carefully what I eat, ensuring that I eat early in the evening well before bed. Sometimes can use Gavison if I catch the sensation early enough. Omit twist postures from my yoga practice.

Could you perhaps keep a daily diary to find out which foods make things work for you? And rellaxation daily may help as well?

Hpe you feel better very soon :-)


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Thanks for your help. I have a good idea what food bothers me. Chocolate drinks, anything acidic like tomatoes. Somehow when I look different foods, I get a warning sign not to eat. And not in quantity. Cant remember when I was last hungry.

However, fluids and look forward to Christmas. It isn't all food. I aim to sit between my grandson and son in law, both of which have huge appetites. They can help me out. Love Annie x

Forgot annie quite a few folks on BRUS have found raw apple eases their GERD. We're all different and what works for one might not necessarily work for another, but worth a try as it is harmless and a bit tasty. Good luck at the docs.


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Thanks cofdrop. I have a lot of advice to think about, and also acronyms. Not sure what these letters stand for - will ask Mark as there are a lot a I see. Thanks for yur help.

Hi everyone,

I also have bronchiectasis,reflux etc. have tried omeprazole but that seemed to aggravate the extreme bloating I get. Is esomeprazole different from omeprazole, do you know, please?


Same family - esomeprazole could be stronger but check on that. Web will tell you, I think.

Hi, I had terrible acid/heartburn etc for many years and it caused havoc with my chest. It was found I had a huge HH.

I was bringing up acid from waking until early in the afternoon, it didn't matter what I ate.

To cut a long story short I was offered a fundoplication operation, it seemed the answer to my prayers. It's been a year in January I had it done, luckily privately and I've not had a drop of acid since.


Although it cures the problem and don't get me wrong I'm very grateful for that BUT I am on a liquid diet only now. I was told after the op that the wrap had to be very tight which means I can't swallow whole foods. I suffer from bouts of very painful stomach ache, constant bowel problems, nausea etc but hey at least no acid which was making me very ill.

Some people have a fundoplication with no problems but I've heard from literally hundreds who suffer like me with no food etc.

You have to weigh up how bad the acid is etc and they won't do a fundoplication unless you've tried every diet, every medication and every lifestyle change first.

The good thing is I lost 3 stone in 3 weeks due to my smaller stomach!

Every cloud eh!

Wishing you well


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I guessed that there could be some drawbacks. I needed to hear all sides. I will talk to my doctor and see what she thinks. Thanks for telling me. All the best, Annie

Hi Mike,

Oh you poor thing, you must be so uncomfortable all the time, even after the operation. Many thanks for telling me about it-had never heard of it and it sounds a bit like a case of 'buyer beware'. I do,hope things improve for you. You may be like me, in spite if the constant indigestion and nausea I dream of being able to eat a proper meal, dribbling at the thought of it!! Good luck and very best wishes for an improvement

Hi annie

Really sorry I just didn't think: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) when stomach contents leak up into the food pipe. BRUS is just a shortened version of Bronchiectasis r Us a site for bronchiectatics. Sorry again sweet.

Love XXX

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Nnot a problem - my ignorance. Will take on board. All the best Annie x

Sorry you are having such bad heartburn. Drug interactions are such a bummer.

Re connection between chest conditions and HH I asked a GP friend about this when I was ill just recently and was getting lots of strange symptoms i hadnt had before - this guy is a GPSI (= GP with Special Interest and his specialism is respiratory) and he replied that "Medication is probably the biggest cause of reflux [from hiatus hernia] and antibiotics and steroids are big culprits. Acid reflux is also a potent cause of cough".

My own GP was telling me about a patient who had a procedure called Fundoplication to adjust her stomach valve/hiatus hernia, which entirely stopped the acid coming up. Apart from stopping this person's heartburn, it also instantly ended her long-term asthma, which does seem to show a connection between reflux/hiatus hernia and asthma.

Good advice above about getting heartburn under control. You do need to take it seriously as it can progress to Barratts Oesophagus which I have - its a pre-cancerous condition caused by the burning of stomach acid in the oesophagus (though only a small percentage of people do progress to cancer).

Good luck and feel better,



This information is so interesting and very helpful. At the moment I am eating a non acidic diet and feel better for it but need long term relief. I am seeing my GP either tomorrow or Monday. I will ask about fundoplication and if necessary, ask if I can have it done privately

Very grateful for your good advice. Bye Annie

You are not ignorant at all, no way. Only read today some very wise words from you annie. Was just me not thinking.

With love

C xxx

annie80 I sympathize with everyone here as I too had all the above problems.

Delicious Food Combining has completely stopped years of pain, everyone with this problem Please see greattastenopain.com before taking esomeprazole or having operations.

please don't dismiss the US site, It works !

GP's do not get any training or lectures on nutrition - ask him or her.

Esomeprazole taken long term causes big problems.

The only thing I can say is I was very unwell with bronchiectasis,hiatus hernia, gerd, arthritus joint pain, pseudomonas, morraxella and other lung infections..... Now I am well.

I hope some of you can understand how much proper food combing will help, it took me 3 years to get it right, It works, does not cost anything, no chemicals. I have mentioned greattastenopain because it is a shortcut to all the reading that I did.

The woman has simply put the system in booklets which guide you through choices.


Hi bluemagic, thanks for the kind words. I didn't write that piece to scare anyone but if anyone's looking to have a fundoplication it's worth looking at loads of sites/forums about the op. I was told I'd be fine like everyone else but reality is far from it! It's cured the acid though which is just brilliant. It's been 11 months now so I'm used to not eating but very occasionally I do miss a good hearty meal!



I would like to say a big thank you for all the good and interesting advice to all that corresponded to my blog on HH. I am going to try and print if off for future reference.

I saw my dr. yesterday who has put me back on to emeprazole which I should not have come off.

I have been watching what I eat and can recommend cup soups. I love porridge. Happy Christmas to all, and a Healthier New Year. Keep laughing and roll the jokes in.


Hi Annie,just going through the archives, & found your blog.I suffered badly from gerd,about 12 years ago,was put on Nexum,which was very effective for a while.To cut a long story short,was operated on for the nissan fundoplication,which eased things straight away.A couple of months later had a few problems,so they redid it, no expense to me. It has been wonderful, I eat what I want etc.and never have problems with heartburn etc.now.

Just thought I'd put my pennys worth in!!

Hugs Wendells


Thanks Wendells, I saw the doctor who put me back on emeprazole which works. But i am old and cant expect major surgery for different reasons. You are younger to to have surgery. I get by on nexium quite well as long as I remember small quantities.

Love Anniex

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