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ATOS Shown UP !

Hi all, Thought you might be interested in a story from the Tues edition of "i". A young man of 32 with Parkinsons Disease and in a wheelchair because he can only walk 3 metres without support, attended for assessment accompanied by his sister and a member of Parkinsons Uk. He had only been in the interview a few minutes when the fire alarm went. The doctor opened the door for them to leave the room then he ran off down the stairs leaving them there. As they couldn`t use the lift they asked a security guard for help who promised to come back but never did. So they were trapped in the building. Fortunately they were unharmed but it doesn`t bear thinking about. Seemingly disabled people are supposed to be asked if they can exit the building without support should the need arise. They were never asked but I don`t see what difference that would make. ATOS have apologised but it surely shows the humanity and morality of the doctors employed to do assessments. No experience myself but I`ve read a lot of your messages Best wishes to all

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Hello mskpjb

Thank you for posting this.

It would be interesting to find out if they (ATOS) charged the NHS for the interview. The doctor needs to be reported to the BMA for his actions. If I was the young gentleman, I would insist that any further interviews be done at home, and if the person doing the interview arrives late, treat them the same way as if the claimant was late. And insist on copies of all notes and recordings taken, as ATOS have a reputation for not being 'accurate'.

breathe easy



OMG that is really bad. They should be ashamed


I am finding again and again I am feeling so sorry and angry for the people involved in these endless stories of upset and misery caused by the governments welfare reform act.

Only two days ago a friend told me he and 15 other people with multiple conditions some in wheelchairs some obvislouy in pain - after waiting over 2hrs in a cold waiting room for their Atos assement where then sent home again to await a new appointment being sent to them at some later date.


Well I thought nothing ATOS does could shock me anymore but this is disgraceful. Only 1 person came out well in this terrible story another security guard who was later passing by stayed with him, even though he was breaking the rules doing so. This was not a drill apparently - there was a fire engine outside.

ATOS later aplogised to the gentleman and promised to review the case to ensure it does not happen again. Talk about horses and stable doors. It doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened to this gentleman.

Apparently 31 out of 123 ATOS centres do not have ground floor access.You couldn't make it up!

Thank you for sharing this with us.



Not having a clue who or what ATOS is, I asked my friend Google and came up with this article which might be of general interest:

Now I know!!


Good morning all,yet another example of this bunch of wasters who are making millions of pounds from these contracts,Maxer quite rightly suggested they should be ashamed,they have no shame,only profits . Sylvsmum post was interesting normally the daily mail runs stories along the lines of "jobbing builder runs marathon and still claims DLA " stories like this are so important to the government to be able to keep the electorate firmly believing that most of us are just welfare scroungers ,so that they can carry on attacking us using firms like ATOS.

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Having had the "ATOS" EXPERIENCE ,doesnt suprise me one bit! true to form and dont give a ****! XX


You should make sure all the media is aware of this item by emailing all the media, including television stations. This needs to be aired as this shows ATOS is not only putting our lives in danger, but that some of their so called health care professions are cowards that would run for their lives while leaving the disabled to die!!!!!


NOt only that but they DONT PAY UK tax as they are French reg. Company yet Govt are cracking down on ,THE employers ( ie,Starbucks ect ) which No doubt end in with more JOB LOSSES ??


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