Doctor told me to take paracetomol plus ibuprofen together for my cracked ribs pain, can't be doing with codeine tablets that Doctor prescribed make me too sleepy, so sent Dennis to Boots for a supply of ibuprofen and the pharmasist (spelt that wrong) said shouldn't take ibuprofen long term if I have COPD, they will make my breathing worse, has anyone else heard of this ?

Lib x

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  • Hi I too have heard this from my Doctor..

  • its something to do with the inhaler your on as far as I know.

  • My doctor also advised not to take ibuprofen because of the COPD. She recommended soluble Co-codomol :)

  • Check it doesn't make you constipated.!!!!

  • I'm happy to say that it's not had that effect on me so far :), but it does make me very sleep so I try to take the tables last thing at night.

  • I have been advised not to take ibuprofen by pulmonry rehab.

  • Yes, also be cautious if you use ibugel and volterol for localised muscle or back pain.

    Check out:


    Respiratory disorders:

    Caution is required if administered to patients suffering from, or with a previous history of, bronchial asthma, since NSAIDs have been reported to precipitate bronchospasm in such patients.

  • Hi Lib

    Know from experience they can cause problems with digestive tract, unless taken with a ppi.

    Love C xxx

  • Pharmacist - nearly there. I love spelling quizzes. Do slip up when I am commenting. Doesn't really matter!

  • I take them together and have done for years along with 48 other tablets! I've had no problems but everyone is different so I'd trust the docs advice.

    Keep well

    Mike x

  • dad takes ibuprofen for pain relief, has done for a while now and he has copd and ipf. I'll ask my pharmacist in work tomorrow.

  • I'd never heard that, although I rarely take them. It will be good to get a definitive answer.

    Lynne x

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