do you like singing i just saw another blog with regards to it

there is a ite called where you can join and sing till your hearts content,if you record and put it on the site other memebers can comment on it and that is ow you make new friends if someone comments it is considered polite to click on their name and comment on one of their songs , its good fun , here is a song i sang the ther day if anyone wants a nose and consider having a go, its fun and you dont have to have a brilliant voice either

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  • You CAN sing, you have a lovely voice. I think mine has been damaged by inhaled steroids, but I still love to sing!

  • I love to sing but my old man cant stand the assault on his delicate shells,he reckons I sound like a cat with a trapped tail.!!! ( I did once record my singing,and I have to agree with the old man ).But I soldier on and enjoy myself. hee hee.

  • `thank you sylvsmum , and fishtail, but you dont hear the commnets of my hubby when i sing, the faces he pulls , because he cant hear the music only me sometimes i sing to high or too low hahahhah its soooo funny :d xxxx

  • Nicely done. X Factor next?

  • No puff to sing. Sad when I go to a carol concert - I mouth the words, I used to love singing carols. Whether I had a good voice is another matter,

  • I agree, sounding really good mazjules. I would have the dogs howling if I even attempted singing now. The inhaler meds and my vocal chords don't make good sounds together. It is a great site link, thanks for sharing.

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