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Bedroom tax!

Too much at this time of year to think about getting anything done- feel pretty useless so I will come on here and vent.

Its that time of year when I start getting really ill again- but after missing my sons first ever nativity last year as I was intubated in ITU I am determined to make it this year, after managing nearly 4 months without a hospital visit now im dreading it all starting again, all the time I am stuck in hospital my self employed partner cant work and their is no money coming into the house as I am apparently not ill enough for dla but I am ill enough for a blue badge?

Enough about the past lets look to the future- I am hopefully moving to a new house with a lovely play park really close- downside because of the ages of my children (3yr old daughter and 5 yr old son) we are going to lose £600 a year on the bedroom tax- I need to move I live on the outskirts of a tiny village at the bottom of a nigh on mile long steep hill to get to anything. all the time my partner is work the kids are stuck with me inside- I need to be somewhere I can take them out and let them be kids. but their is no point in moving to another 2 bed as we will have to move again in the future- the rent on my 2 bed is £112 the rent on the new 3 bed is £93 we get full housing benefit but we will get charged £14 a week to move into a £9 a week cheaper property?!

The only bit of help we get is housing and council tax benefit and even that is because we have a fairly low income coming in now they are going to take that too I cant stay here I cant leave the house but can we really afford to go?

I wish I could work just like everyone else, I wish I could leave the house without my partner, I wish I could run round with my kids but I cant and I can scream and shout and no body listens I just run out of breath.

Apologies for a depressing rant at this time in the morning :)

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Hey Poorlykat, you need to vent your spleen, life is so unfair sometimes. I don,t know what the answers are for you but this government is bonkers and they need to get a grip with their mad ideas. Good luck xx


We are probably all in the same boat as far as time of year is concerned. I have had a brilliant summer, but with the cold weather the infections have started. I was able to run and play with my children - to a certain extent, but with grandchildren it is a different matter and how do you explain to a 4 year old bouncy little grl that you just haven't got enough breath to do the things she wants you to do?

Good for you, coming on here for a rant, we all need one sometimes, and this is the ideal place to do it!


I joined this site to rant and chat with others who would understand my needs.

I'm sorry I can't help with your particular problems but hope you know I am thinking of you and wishing you well.

Big Hugs. Gina x


Thankyou all, Im not very good at the talking thing in real life and its not easy to go face to face with anyone and tell them how incapable you are so Its actually very comforting to know I can come on here and no one knows me no one judges me and people honestly understand what its like.

I found this site invaluable for my own sanity.



An excellent rant, much of what you say is personal to you, but this awful bedroom tax really is beyond the pale and effects many people on here.

Best of luck with your decisions. The new move you're thinking of making sounds ideal after the description of your present situation :)


Thankyou, I just dont want my problems affecting their childhood, ive probably missed out on 2-3 months of their lives this year from all the weeks in hosp and it doesnt seem fair they miss out.

Governments ignorance, greed and complete blindness to real social issues is nothing less than depressing to people that live within a real society.

All the best, thanks for taking the time to read and reply x


Way to go poorlykat let it rip. I to will fall foul of this discriminatory tax, they will be wanting £23 out of £111 of me to stay put in a house where I have lived most of my life. Still I will be biting the bullet and renting privately closer to my family.


Best of luck with your move, not that you should be forced out of your home but at least you will be closer to family,

All the best for the future x


Hi poorlykat

Rant, scream and shout - we are listening and are in this stuff together.

I am so sorry that what seemed like a perfect solution for your family and your health is being marred by this very cruel bedroom tax. I think there appears to be the start of a backlash. Last night on our local tv news in Yorkshire there was a lady who had just been informed she will have to pay this bedroom tax who was understandably distressed.

What age do they say children of the opposite sex need separate bedrooms? I don't know but I feel if you were adopting you would be expected to provide children of a different gender to have their own rooms even if they were bro and sis. What they are expecting from you doesn't make sense does it!

I really hope you find a solution.




I believe children of opposite sexes are expected to share until 10 I think but personally I think this is ridiculous. children of same sex are expected to share until 16!!

You cannot adopt a child unless you can provide a bedroom specifically for them at any age- although it begs the question: are children from past relationships expected to share with children that have been fathered/mothered by a new partner? It wouldnt affect me personally but it makes you wonder how far they have really thought about this

I will join you in GRRing as their is not a lot else to do!



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