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Mucus in the back of the throat

I have a small area of Bronchietisis and see my specialist every 3 months for tests and spirometry so far I have a localized section damaged and results are better than normal, but sometimes I get this constant throat clearing like now in the winter, I am told this is not to do with the above and its an upper respiratory so I have started the nose spray.. Its so annoying the constant clearance in the back of my throat from excess mucus, does anyone have any tips aside from hot lemon and honey, lozengers etc some days are worse than others. |t also kicks off in my car for some strange reason.

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Hi birthday,

i get this and its due to post nasal drip, its where the nose mucus drips down the back of

the nose into the back of the throat, i don't know if its the same with you but maybe its something to think about,

rose x

Thank you Rose, it seems to have been mentioned but when ENT looked at this 6 months ago they saw nothing, I am not aware of it as its just makes me cough and want to constantly feel like I have a frog in my throat and I have mucus in the throat... The specialist told me its just one of those things and many get it but it has no answer. Strange as I went privately on this for an hours review still an annoying thing as it would be just nice to know if anyone else gets it.. Its almost like spasms or attacks it lasts for 15 mins and goes, have even tried anti histermines again no relief, but cold seems to aggravate it.

Lots of us use Carbocisteine capsules (or liquid). It does not cure the mucus but does thin it and make it easier to bring up. Sorry, can't help with more than that.

Thank you I have tried all that ( Mucodyne) and never been able to bring anything up either its strange but I am one that does not . I am going to get transferred to London now to look at another specialist I think I see its possible in some cases for surgery to widen sinus passages. certainly not going to leave it as it is its not a good enough solution for me, need to know more.

Hi Birthday1, my dad uses a steam inhaler (you can get them for about £2 - they look like a child's cup with an inhaler mask on) and this helps with thining the mucus and helps to bring stuff up. You have to drink lots of liquids and keep hydrated, again another mucus thinner. Dad's also a 'ginger junky' and drinks a warm ginger drink. You can also get ginger and lemon tea from the supermarket, or you could make it yourself. All help to thin the mucus. We found out that you make between 1 and 2 pints of mucus a day and normally it isn't a problem unless something else developes. Dad also concentrates on oral hygiene too as the mucus which gets stuck in your throat also contains bacteria which in itself causes other problems so he now gargles frequently too. I hope some of this info helps?

Kind Regards,


Thank you Jane, I have noted comments, managed to get a transfer to ENT yesterday for some more advise in 2 weeks time so I am pleased, I also purchased a a great spray yesterday which belongs to the AVogel range and I am using some Homeo capsules I bought on a work trip to France, I was given a steroid inhaler yesterday but have decided to go down the Homeo route first and it was a good day yesterday, Will try the ginger tea instead of my usual 10 lattes a day. KR Sue

I have this too and swear by Fisherman's Friends!


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