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Singing for Breathing, Anyone?

If any of you are fortunate (?) enough to be under the care of the Brompton Hospital, you may already know about Singing for Breathing. Unfortunately I cannot do it as I am not a patient of theirs. Does anyone know of any groups in Berkshire who do it?

As far as singing goes, it really is good for breathing, and well-being, and happiness. I am a volunteer at an Alzheimer's Singing Klub, and have found my breathing improved since I started. Due to our 'leaders' having abandoned us, my husband and I find ourselves running the singing aspect of the group. (We have a lunch first) Neither of us has a good voice and when I started there I agreed to do the bookwork, meeting and greeting, swore I DID NOT want to sing. Over the two years we have been running I have found myself helping with leading the rounds, and the partner songs, and I really love it. If we go wrong - it doesn't matter, everyone just has a laugh about it.

I sent for a CD about singing for breathing and play it in the car on long journeys, lots of breathing and singing exercises. If you ask (my friend) Google about singing for breathing, he will give you lots of info. Good luck, give it a try - even singing at home. With lung disease positive thinking is paramount, keep exercising (unless you are in a really bad way) keep siniging, keep POSITIVE!

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Hi I saw a group of people with lung problems sing at a Breathe Easy cluster meeting in Solihull, West Midlands they were fantastic and I would love to join a group like this (although I cannot sing very well) but I can't find a local group and don't really know where to look for one.

Where did you get your CD from?



I have been trying to find a singing group to join myself. my sister is asthmatic and has found singing a real help with her breathing.

Unfortunately, the only groups around here are proper choirs, not what I want.

My sister goes to a group run by a 'natural Voice Practitioner' in South Wales. They are all over the country and welcome people with any ability. There are none by us though :(

Lynne x


I meant to say, you can find where these natural voice practitioners are located from their website.


Totally lost my singing voice since taking the inhaled steroids. So I shall merrily blow on my harmonica for an additional breathing exercise. Laughter is good too :)


hi everyone i joined a site called singsnap its brilliant, you can choose songs and record them and other singsnap members are able to see them and comment, you dont have to be a brilliant singer its the fun of doing it, and yes is does help loads with breathing


hallo - that's the CD i produced so DELIGHTED to hear it is being used (don't do the relaxation one when you are driving however!!!) to let you know that if any of you live in North London you are spoilt for choice with singing for breathing groups at on Tuesday mornings at 11am (Gospel Oak station with lots of buses stopping outside Lissenden Gardens) and a new group starting at the Whittington hospital at 3pm on Thursdays on March 7th (contact the respiratory physio team) - do contact the natural voice practitioners network ( to see if any singing facilitators in your area would like to set one up - remember this is our work and so either needs to be self funded or funding applied for to cover the workshop leaders fees. The Sidney de Haan centre in Folkestone can put you in touch with groups all over Kent, Uditta Everett I think is still running one in Brighton - get on to your local Breathe Easy co-ordinators. If any of you want a group in the Surrey or West London area do get in touch with me

all best to you


Just found out that the funding for a 'Singing for Better Breathing' group in Oxford has come through! So if all goes well there will be a fortnightly group here on Thursdays from Oct 24th. More info to come. Great to find this dialogue. And much gratitude to doxy above and all the others who have encouraged me to set this group going.


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