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Hi, this is to let you all know how i am getting on, last week i went to see my doctor who told me my left lung was no good right one clear. Then he said he will send me to the chest clinic as he is not happy with my breathing, so i told him that i was not happy with it.

I put it down to having COPD but it seems to be getting worse and this damp cold weather does not help but i live in hope that it will change soon.

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Hi William, glad your doc is sending you for further tests to be clear on what is happening with your left lung.

The weather does cause damaged lung folk problems and this year its been one of those years for lots of wind, rain and damp and now we are going into colder temperatures too.

Hope things work out with your tests and you can enjoy the season.

All good wishes zoee


Hi William

Sorry you are having problems with your left lung but really glad your doctor is refering you to the chest clinic. Hope they get this sorted out for you soon.

Love xxx


Hi William, I would feel quite reassured to know that I had one good lung as it appears, in my case, along with copd the emphysema has got both lungs so neither of mine are up to much so far as I know anyway. As you say weather makes things much worse. Still glad you are having treatment. Keep well and warm.


Hi William.I'm glad you have a decent doctor,lets hope he can get you to a good specialist soon. This weather takes your breath away,best to keep a scarf around your nose and mouth when you go out or a snood, I dont leave the house without mine these days.warm hugs Carol xxx


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