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I'm back!

11 days since my discharge from the Royal Brompton, London for 10 days of IV's and drips for my Brittle Asthma. And since I have been home have made it a rule not to spend so much time in Cyber World, 10 days of breathing space (sorry no pun intended) gave me plenty of time to realise how little of my life was spent outside of my front door spending time with real people, the Asthma so often forcing me to spend time in an environment I can control. So in the time I have been home Lottie and I have been bouncing about the place, smiling at the world and basically just enjoying life. God it is so wonderful not to be in pain, able to breath and not itch. And it might sound daft but a total stranger says hello or smiles at your dog it feels bloody wonderful, and for some reason I have had hell of a lot of that the past week. Don't get me wrong I get a reasonable amount of hellos and smiles generally, but the past week I feel that I have had more. A friend says it is because I have giving off good vibes, maybe she is right!

Since I have been home, the dog has been bathed 3 times (which is typical at this time of year owning a daxie), once because we waded through flood water, been a tad wet in Herefordshire. Dog sat Toby a collie cross lurcher for a friend for the day, Caught a stray dog (my husband says l'm a magnet to the things, and the local dog warden would probably agree), cleaned the flat and changed the bed by myself several times, cooked for my husband every day, kept on top of the washing and ironing, husband was moaning the other morning that his drawer was over loaded with socks (god I can't win), done the Christmas shopping. And today looked after my Godson Fin 7 and his brother Alfie 9 for the day, whilst also including a dog walk.

Yes I am pretty busy, partly because it is great not to be so dependant right now on hubby, partly because I need to regain some of my exercise tolerance and simply it is just to be living again, without be dominated by illness.

I won't pretend life is perfect and I am symptom free, the Asthma is very much there and I am swallowing loads of pills and potions to be able to accomplish what I do each day right now, and in just 11 days I can already see my condition deteriorating, but at the moment I don't feel ill with it, and with pacing I can manage. 10 days away from my Lottie dog and husband was daunting and something I really didn't want to do, but I am so glad that I made the decision to do so, because the extra meds has given not just me, but Lottie and hubby much needed respite. Lottie has a mummy who can walk her at a bit more of a pace at the moment (and keep up the figure Daddy got her into, lets hope mummy can find hers too!) and hubby can enjoy a somewhere near tidy home (not too perfect :P) and home cooked food every night after work. No I not turning into a domestic goddess, but when your carer does a full time job, studying for a degree and then comes home and has to attend to the running of the home or at least help with the evening meal because the other half is too breathless to manage on their own, it feels good to take the pressure off sometimes.

So on that happy note, must hit the sack as Lottie has some unofficial Pet Therapy sessions to do tomorrow whilst I have my Phototherapy at the local hospital. And we both need to be bright eyed and busy tailed in the morning.

So tatty bye for now Daxiemad xxxxxx

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Hi Daxiemad.....glad you are home and doing so well....not doing too much i hope...remember to pace yourself. its so good to be able to do things again you tend to keep going.

your little dog must have been so relieved to have mum home again.

ivyleaf x


So pleased to hear from you Daxiemad and lovely to read such a positive blog. I am glad you are feeling so well at the moment and you are right about the hellos and smiles, I think we give off vibes so that people feel our positivity and respond to it. x


So pleased your feeling so well. Enjoy.

Kim xxxxxx


Great to hear you are doing so well. It's a good plan to get out and about in the real world as much as you can too.

Lynne xx


Wonderful post. Thankyou! Long may ypu feel well!


Hurray! great to hear you are home and feeling well and happy! A lovely post I enjoyed it and love the fact that you are enjoying life! stay well, sending big happy hugs,Carol xxx


Hi Daxiemad

Wow I am sooooo pleased for you. it is so wonderful to see such an uplifting post which gives us all hope. Really glad you are feeling so well and long may it continue sweet.

Love C XXX


Welcome back Daxiemad

So pleased you are home with the ones you love Lottie & hubby and that you are being so positive about your life - carry on enjoying yourself and keep sending those positive vibes to us all:-)




Good to have you back Daxie and what a wonderful post! You have made me smile and I feel uplifted, so much so, I am going to tackle the Christmas cards and sort out pressies in the spare room. Pete is sleeping so that is a good thing, peace for a short while! You take care and do pace yourself. Stay well. Lots of love to you. xxxx


hi daxiemad, you must be thinking am i in the real world, i was very ill in 2004 with pnemonia and other things, i missed my daxies, i have kept out of hospital since, like you i have to pace myself as i have Bronchiectasis, i take my two dogs chippie boy and bodie boy out six days a week.

but sunday is my slack alice day i dont get dressed just wander around in my pyjamas and dressing gown, the one day off is marvellous.

i think you are a very brave lady, its true people do talk to you when walking lottie, again i think it is the vibes

daxies are so near the ground and need bathing every time you come back from a walk, i must admit my dont like thier baths.

dont go and do to much and having your godson and his brother must of raised you up to.i had a laugh at your husband complaining about his sock draw my husbands the same they do not like things being differrent when you came home.

well daxie it was lovely reading your report and should of uplifted many people.

god bless jan x happy christmas


Hi Daxie glad to see you back. You sound like you are really happy at the moment. Good. I am pleased for you. You sound so positive. Keep it up.

Hope your illness stays away as long as possible!

Bev x


happy and health

new year keep it moving xx


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