Ecstacy Hee hee


He was in ecstacy,with a huge smile on his face,

as his wife moved forwards,then backwards

then forwards, then backwards again~~

~~back and forth~~

~~back and forth~~

~~in and out~~

~~in and out~~

She could feel the sweat on her forehead and trickling down the small of her back,

she was getting near to the end.

Her heart was pounding~~~her face was flushed~~~

she moaned,softly at first,

then began to groan louder.

Finally,totally exhausted,she let out an almighty scream and SHOUTED,


I can't park the flipping car

You do it,you SMUG so and so.

Richard Cornish

I wonder what you were thinking!


join your local group now,you might get a laugh there as well.

18 Replies

  • Made me laugh. :-) :-)


  • Keep up the good work ! :)

  • I will let you know about the Christmas turkey another day.

  • Brian, (husband) and I had a laugh!

  • That's the idea

  • That was funny, you had me wondering!

    Lynne xx

  • Got to keep you guessing

  • U r naughty! Not that I was thinking anything rude!

  • That's what they all say!

  • Naughty Naughty Naughty - did make me laugh - of cause I knew you where parking a car! keep up the good work and sense of humour. Take Care BBX

  • Laughter is definately the best medecine - keep it up (so to speak)! Ha ha.

  • Getting to know the name now - I'm a newbie, but already sizing people up!

  • I was sooooo thinking something rude! Good to keep smiling. xxxxxxx

  • You Richard are a rascal but funny with it. Shudder to think what you.ll come up with after a Christmas cocktail. No don't tell me that's another thing thats off limits. Woe is me but thanks for the laughs!

  • really funny needed that thank you x

  • thoroughly enjoy your crazy sense of humour.keep em comin.!!!!!!!!

  • 'You do realise that if we do it this way you won't be able to sit down for a week' said hubby to his wife. When she replied in the affirmative he said, (wait for it)

    ' OK, I'll order the new three piece suite now '.

    ( I think this was in one of those luxury crackers.)

  • Nice one

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