My wife is missing.Hee Hee

My wife has been missing for a week now.Police said to prepare for the worst.

So I have been to the charity shop to get all her clothes back.

Richard Cornish


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  • Ha H very funny xxx

  • bet you would be lost with out her.xx

  • I would like to say that she is the best wife in the world,but the ladies out there might not agree

  • Yep!

  • Is she on her way back?

  • Let us know when they find her, I want to know how she escaped - bet he's richer, younger and better looking than you.

    Lib x

  • That is impossible,maybe true

  • You do not have to gree with everything Lib sais

  • kingofthecocktails-keep them coming,you are such a welcome tonic.

  • And why not!

  • Your wife needs a medal being married to you. Loving the laughter. xx

  • That was so funny! Bet your wife has a great sense of humour too!

  • You reckon!

  • is she in some shop window with santa acting as his wife

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