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Is inhaler making me worse

Hi im a newby n i have emphysemia chronic bronchitis and bronceletis and specialist 3 weeks ago told me i also have asthma. Empy n broches i have had for 8years, i cough up sputum approx 10 times an hour it is never ending, I have to take boxes tissues wherever i go, it is embarassing and depressing. I have been on anti biotics for past 6months also steriods. I have always been reluctant to use inhalers and only use them when my breathing is so bad.

Specialist gave me spiriva and sebutaline inhalers and another 3weeks steriods. Last nite for the 1st time i used the inhaler, i coughed up sputum for several hours using a box of tissues, eventually fell asleep, woke up feeling a lump in my throat and strangely everything i looked at was green for a few minutes. I am feeling weak, shakey have a temp and cant get out of bed. Could it be the inhaler, and do they actually help, i have bruising from the steriods and itching. Does anyone cough up as much as me and does it get better, feeling so low doesnt

help that i am trying to stop smoking. Sorry to go on and on. cas x

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Sorry to hear you feel so rubbish, why don't you ring the BLF helpline the nurses are fantastic and I'm sure you would get the best advice.

Hope your feelong better soon.

Kim xxxx


You sound quite poorly, I would ring your surgery before they close for the weekend for advice.

Lib x



Yes as Lib says - call your GP or out of hours service. You may need more antibiotics if you aren't already on them. You should also take your other medications as you have been prescribed. The inhalers do help but you have to take them regularly. Call us on Monday and have a chat with one of the nurses and she will explain everything - it could be that your inhalers need to be reviewed.

But ring the GP today.



Inhalers do help, but you really must stop smoking. I gave up over 15 years ago after more than 50 years of chain smoking when I was diagnosed with copd.

Now, if I pass someone in the street that's smoking, the effect of breathing in just that little bit of smoke makes me feel awful.


Getting a GP urgently as what is written of a very sick patient and in need of help before it needs a hospital stay and they will not let a smoker on a ward to have a cigarette.


I have been diagnosed with emphysemia, asthma, and COPD. sounds as though you have a severe chest infection so please go see your doctor sap. Inhalers do help and I have not heard of any inhaler making anyone as poorly as you are at moment. Please be strong and give up the smokes, I gave up 4yrs ago, smoking only makes things worse.

good luck.....Elly


Sorry you are so ill. As an ex smoker, I can assure you that it's the ciggies irritating your lungs, causing them to produce a lot of mucus. Please stop smoking immediately, take your inhalers correctly, and see your GP or Athsma Nurse as an emergency. I quit the ciggies, when I was diagnosed in 1995. If you want a better quality of life, you must stop smoking.


A big thank you to all who sent me good advice.

I have an appointment to see my GP on Monday, I have not smoked a ciggy since receiving

your messages, thank you all again. xxx




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