almost weekend!

almost weekend!

well its almost weekend and I have to say that I'm feeling much better than I have for a while....think the infections have disappeared at last!!! Must be all the cyber coffee and biscuits that Muckster sent LOL!!!

this weekend is a busy one...tomorrow I'm teaching during the day, a Christmas Patchwork course, only 8 learners so should be a fun, cosy, sewy day! then we are off to the cinema with our youngest son (the older 2 are camping (???) this weekend). Sunday its the Christingle service in the village, and Church parade for No:3 son it's always such a lovely service and we collect money for Action for Children, a great way to start Advent. The boys are due home 6ish Sunday eve and I've promised them a huge veggy curry for tea, might even bake a cake if I've any energy left!!

lots to do today...boxes to pack for tomorrow etc.....think I need a cup of coffee and a plan of action!!!

Have a great weekend whatever you have planned...keep warm and breathing easy!!

Mrs Sxxxx

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  • You too Mrs S, xx

  • Good to see you are on the mend and feelind so much better, don't over do it though. Looks like a busy weekend for you, sounds a lovely weekend planned.

    Our tree goes up on Saturday (can't wait) I have two bouys 9 and 12, they can't wait to.

    Keep well and enjoy your weekend.

    David 1968

  • our tree only goes up the sunday before christmas (family trad) my boys are 17,14 and 12 and they love it all too x

  • We too are putting up the tree. It's a bit earlier than normal, but we have visitors every weekend after this one, so it will look nice for them.

    Lynne xx

  • Mrs. S Glad you're feeling better - what a busy life you do lead. Being surrounded with children really makes Christmas but take it easy if you can!

  • yes I have to change my Christmas habits a little this year, I've already cut out some things and will be delegating some others!

  • We are going down to Lymington for a lovely Christmas with my daughter. She is so Christmassy. A nice meal out. Lindsey is a veggie so better that way. A carol service at Christchurch Priory a week before. The Priory is a lovely old building. AQll the best Mrs. Shimmy from Anne x

  • Hi Mrs S,

    Glad to see your much perkier, its surprising what a milky coffee and some hob-nob's can do lol, but i think the boys will be needing it this weekend - camping in this weather!!!!!!

    But take it easy and keep warm



  • Hello Mrs S, glad to see your feeling better - have sent fresh coffee and biccies must be stale by now lol

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

    tc Mucks x

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