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almost weekend!

almost weekend!

well its almost weekend and I have to say that I'm feeling much better than I have for a while....think the infections have disappeared at last!!! Must be all the cyber coffee and biscuits that Muckster sent LOL!!!

this weekend is a busy one...tomorrow I'm teaching during the day, a Christmas Patchwork course, only 8 learners so should be a fun, cosy, sewy day! then we are off to the cinema with our youngest son (the older 2 are camping (???) this weekend). Sunday its the Christingle service in the village, and Church parade for No:3 son it's always such a lovely service and we collect money for Action for Children, a great way to start Advent. The boys are due home 6ish Sunday eve and I've promised them a huge veggy curry for tea, might even bake a cake if I've any energy left!!

lots to do today...boxes to pack for tomorrow etc.....think I need a cup of coffee and a plan of action!!!

Have a great weekend whatever you have planned...keep warm and breathing easy!!

Mrs Sxxxx

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You too Mrs S, xx


Good to see you are on the mend and feelind so much better, don't over do it though. Looks like a busy weekend for you, sounds a lovely weekend planned.

Our tree goes up on Saturday (can't wait) I have two bouys 9 and 12, they can't wait to.

Keep well and enjoy your weekend.

David 1968


our tree only goes up the sunday before christmas (family trad) my boys are 17,14 and 12 and they love it all too x


We too are putting up the tree. It's a bit earlier than normal, but we have visitors every weekend after this one, so it will look nice for them.

Lynne xx


Mrs. S Glad you're feeling better - what a busy life you do lead. Being surrounded with children really makes Christmas but take it easy if you can!


yes I have to change my Christmas habits a little this year, I've already cut out some things and will be delegating some others!


We are going down to Lymington for a lovely Christmas with my daughter. She is so Christmassy. A nice meal out. Lindsey is a veggie so better that way. A carol service at Christchurch Priory a week before. The Priory is a lovely old building. AQll the best Mrs. Shimmy from Anne x


Hi Mrs S,

Glad to see your much perkier, its surprising what a milky coffee and some hob-nob's can do lol, but i think the boys will be needing it this weekend - camping in this weather!!!!!!

But take it easy and keep warm




Hello Mrs S, glad to see your feeling better - have sent fresh coffee and biccies must be stale by now lol

Merry Christmas to you and yours

tc Mucks x


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