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Husband with COPD

Joined this group last week as I've had asthma (now COPD) most of my life - great group, very supportive. However I have recently been a bit concerned with my husband's breathing and when he went for a checkup I mentioned it to his doc, who arranged for him to have a spirometry test. Must admit I was shocked with the results as COPD was something I had not imagined, hoped it was just something minor. Felt a bit weepy, then both decided to make a jokle of it - anyone want to come to an inhalers party!!! Not too much food I am afraid as he has GOT to lose some weight, that big tummy is not doing his lungs any favours.

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Ha Ha inhaler party oh dear that made me laugh, is it bring ya own? classic xxx


i don't like wine, so i'll put some lager in it that will do, after 1or 2 we wont

care anyway will we Ha Ha xxx


My GP has given me a provisional diagnosis of COPD and I'm just waiting for this infection to clear up before I can have the spirometry tests. My best friends Mum (my surrogate Mum) was diagnosed with COPD yesterday. As we are all getting together for Crimbo we too shall be having an inhaler party ............. just with jingle bells on it!


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