Hi guys, I was diagnosed with asthma 4 year ago and it's generally well controlled when I'm at home. But whenever I'm sleeping at a friends house or on holiday my lungs always seem to feel irritated, I can't breathe as well and I sneeze constantly- particularly at night. I'm thinking it's maybe to do with these new environments that I'm not used to but I'm not sure...

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  • It might be going over old ground but trying different inhalers is often needed when trying to find the best one for the lives we lead. In the past with advice from my nurse going back to treatments that had little affect first time were another option second time around, Some can as we learn to manage the condition, knowing triggers or feelings on how the lungs react be more beneficial in controlling symptoms than expected.

  • Maybe it's the washing powder they use? All biological powders are bad for asthmatics etc. but some are worse than others.

  • Just wondering if they use feather pillows and/or duvets.


  • My sister has had really bad asthma all her life although it is controlled. Her biggest triggers are cat hairs, dust, pillow & duvet fibres and those plug in air fresheners. When travelling, she takes her own allergen free pillows to use.

    Lynne xx

  • I have bad asthma but controlled my triggers are dust guinea pig hair pollen smoke. And I don't have allergen free pillows should I get some

  • I agree it could be dust or pets. Dust and pets are known allergins in causing asthma attacks. Could anxiety about being away from home play a part do you think?

    Hope you can get it sorted.

    Bev x

  • Yeah maybe I was diagnosed with asthma a year ago and whenever I go to my friends houses I get irritated because of excess dust so even if they dust well I still get irritated

  • And pillows that aren't hypnagogic it's bad for asthmatics and dovets

  • Hello I have bad asthma the only way to control it is by taking steroids as in preventer inhalers. And when I'm with friends my asthma gets bad to you should try allergen free pillows and dovets

  • I get this. I presumed it was to do with the presence of dog hairs.

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