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Day out number 2..........what a beautiful day!

Wasn't it glorious today? I am sure the sun was out especially for dad today..........I wished for it and it came true. Took mam and dad to Swansea, their special place. We were late going because one of his brothers' popped in to see him. He hadn't seen him for ages and it brought a tear to dads eye.

When we got there we went straight to their favourite restaurant, overlooking the bay. Disabled access was great and the facilities too. Staff couldn't do enough. Dad had braised beef casserole while we had a Turkey Christmas dinner.....with beetroot! Never heard of that one lol. I tried many times to eat it but it just wouldn't come off the fork. It's not right is it?

And we had dessert, yum yum. We all had Christmas pud with brandy sauce and boy could you taste the brandy. It was superb and dad was soooo stubborn he wouldn't let me pay. Id had a little bonus in my pay and wanted to treat them but he insisted on paying. But it is his birthday next week so I will have my way then.........

We then parked up on the cliff top overlooking the sea, it was lovely. So special. Just sitting there, together. It was beautiful.

Thankyou mam and dad for a great day, love you big time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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thats lovely,glad you had a wonderful day x


Good to read. I felt I was there. A trip to provide a good memory. Love Annie x


As i am originally from Swansea and still visit a lot, I pictured lunch in the Tower in SA1 and then parking above the sea at Southgate or by that Italian restaurant near Mumbles.

Probably different places altogether.

Lynne xx


I love Swansea as well, its my new home. Glad you all had a great day out.

Linda xx


Hi tanyamarie, can I be your mum too?!!! You sound such a brilliant daughter. I visualised beetroot with Christmas dinner and, do you know, I think it might be quite nice. Not unlike cranberry sauce? Take me with you next time, you'll only have to pick me up from Manchester! Libby x


I have never been to Swansea,but thankyou form taking me their for a few 68


I have never been to Swansea either, glad your trip was a success tanyamarie.

Lib x


I can imagine you insisting on paying! It would be a great feeling for your dad being allowed to pay as head of the family and in such surroundings on a lovely day so don't be going overboard on his birthday - you already add so much to his life. Nice post as usual x


Thats Loverly glad you had a loverly dayxxBB


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