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My doctor has been to see me today at my request.

I have been getting sharp shooting pains from my right lung. I've had this before and after being awake all night my husband phoned my GP who called back hence my home visit.

He has given me pain killers,antibiotics and steroids so I'm hoping to be up on my feet sometime next week when I will go for an xray at the hospital. This is a precautionary measure just to back up his diagnosis and to make sure nothing nasty is there.

I thought I would share this with you so you will know what to do should you be unlucky enough to suffer it this winter. It is a viral infection so be on your guard people.

Gina x x x AKA Kingston.

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Thanks for the update Gina, hope all goes well next week with the xray - and your up and at um soon

Take Care



i read your blog with interest. I really hope that you will be better soon and that all is ok next week. Bye from Annie



You poor thing, the pain is excruciating. I totally agree with 'Stitch' here, please don't under-estimate Pleurisy. I have had it three times - twice as a secondary infection from a cold and once as a primary acute attack. It takes several weeks to recover. You'll need to rest up and take life easy for a while.

You were very wise to call in your GP. Take care and be kind to yourself :)


Be careful - and go to docs or hospital if it gets worse . Years ago I had it, lifted something too heavy and got a pneumothorax !


Keep warm and rest, hope all goes well

Lib x


Thanks for your comments. The doc also gave me meds to help sleep and I,ve had the best night in a long time. I shall follow your advice and hope you know just how much it is appreciated. Gina. x


Hi there kingstone I hope your feeling better.

I hav`nt been very well for several weeks now, like you a pain on the right side and very very breathless but no cough, been to the doctors several times and been given 4 different types of anti-biotics and 2 lots of steroids but sadly none have helped very much. I went to see my regular doctor who sent me for xrays last week and I have also had blood tests. I don`t know whether you have been feeling like me but I have been very down and its only because I have`nt been getting any better. I`m in two minds about the xray results I hope they can tell me why I`m not picking up but on the other hand is it something more sinister anyway we shall see.

regards Linda


Feeling much better thank you Stitch but i'm taking your advice and taking things easy.

Oh Linda I do feel for you. Yes i have been down these past few weeks so the night time meds are for depression. It is so very hard to admit to feeling weak but it is ongoing and I am not super woman so I allow myself to sometimes "Stop and get off the world".

In the past i would carry on and my standard reply was "Im fine". Of course i wasn't so made things worse for myself and eventually went into hospital for depression. " I got off" for a few weeks.

I have had all of the tests as cancer was suspected, lots of scans,full body scan and I am so lucky I am free off that but have emphysema so my breathing is limited but I'm easier in my mind and that is what I wish for you. Please let us know when you get your results.

I will be thinking of you.. Fingers crossed Linda.

Big hugs. Gina x x x


Poor you thats nasty. Never had pleursy and dont want it!!!

Hope you feel better soon and let us know the results of your test.

Bev x


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