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Nice recipe for chilly days

Got some in the oven now!Really easy and can use any combinations you like. not like traditional soup where you have to fry the veg.

throw veg in oven tray (can use frozen or tinned for ease)

put chicken , fish or meat on top

mix stock and seasoning, if using fish add lemon juice

cover with foil, cook in oven for an hour, can blend into soup or eat as is

in mine tonight i have






white onion



cod steaks

chicken stock mixed with salt chicken gravy powder, tomato puree, lemon juice, barbecue seasoning flakes.

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How lucky Puff is to have a cook caring for him healthy and wholesome :-)


i do try to make sure we eat plenty of healthy food, it seems to be something the nurses are always asking about.

This meal is really easy to make and the best thing is it can be inexpensive as you can use any type of veg/meat that might be on offer at the shops, whereas a traditional soup recipe usually dictates what you need to use.

you can lay around with it according to what you like,eg add fresh or tinned tomatoes, or tinned beans or different seasonings.

i think also it is easy to make whereas some people on the site might not be able to make a meal by peeling veg, so can use frozen or ready chopped veg.


She does have her uses. :)

Seriously though she is a very good cook and does a lot of her own recipes. Her Spag Bol takes your breath away. :)


I can't help it ! :)


ha lol, you are right, a recipe that takes your breath away doesn't sound very healthy!!!!!!!!!!


thank you, ;) kisses


ha lol, my kisses were originally to Puff for his post, goodness only knows who i'm kissing now! ;)


Ooer. :)


My husband and I love soup in all its forms. I seem to have collected a lot of leeks. Bought some more today, and then found some forgotten leeks so leek and potato soup.

Whilst on the subject of cooking, does anyone have difficulties with cooking. Gone are the days when I used to bake. Shame. I will pop round to have some of Puff's soup.


I could live on Leek & Potato soup I make batches of it and freeze some. We have a little twist on the soup by adding smoked haddock (not as expensive as you might think, I buy Farmfoods packs of frozen smoked haddock @ half the price of the major supermarkets), which enhances the flavour greatly. I make no apology for using an outlets name if it means we can benefit financially from it.



you would be welcome i made a lot of it.


A slow cooker as been the best investment we have ever made, bung it all in and come back several hours later, easy whether you hate cooking or feel rubbish, plus all in one pot so less washing up and less energy used in making it.


i also use my slow cooker a lot, it depends on how quickly we need the meal, but often leave it on overnight


I also use my slow cooker,I've tried to speed her up but she refuses or tells me to do it myself.


Quite keen on stir frying - so many variations. It doesn't have to be Chinese. I live in the past when I talk cooking because I dont have much of an appetite nowadays. Does anybody else have this problem?


in terms of not having any appetite, I can only suggest (from being ill myself) that perhaps you try experimenting with different ways of cooking, for example, you may not fancy a boiled egg with bread, but a light omelette with mushrooms might be more palatable.Or try different cuppa soups.

or perhaps try different flavourings? eg instead of a plain banana, chop it up and squeeze orange juice on it?

Anyway, I used the slow cooker last night for a chicken stew which we just had with mashed potatoes.

I am trying an experiment tonight, i am going to try cooking porridge in the slow cooker overnight.


The porridge was a success! Cooking it very slowly overnight made it really smooth and creamy.