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Own my own House,but need a Bungalow ??

Hi,I own my own house,but need to move to a bungalow because of difficulty getting up stairs due to breathing probs because of COPD and Asthma and have arthritus in both knees,no downstairs toilet,I know for certain I cannot afford to buy a bungalow as they cost alot more than houses,my house is not worth what I paid for it despite the fact that I have spent thousands on it,had central heating installed,had the small back garden laid mainly to stone flags and quite a few other jobs done,can anyone suggest a way for me to be able to get a bungalow ????,it might seem like a stupid question,but I honestly don`t know what to do,I get upstairs on hand and knees with a struggle. Irene

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Hi Irene,I too am in the same situation as you and look forward to see any replies you get.

i own my house but have copd and a bunglow would help would i qualify for a oap bunglow.

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I asked about this and said I was willing to pay full rent etc,the housing manager told me I would have to sell my own house first and would have to go on a waiting list and then "maybe" offered a bungalow,however, I could not choose where I wanted to it could be miles away from where I live now.As for having adaptations to my house - I can have everything provided I pay for it.(obviously).there are steps and incline to my house,steps up to my garden,hills and steps all around.I've worked all my life,payed all my dues and yes,got a bit of I'm just and I mean just over the limit of having any help at all unlike the folk who have never paid anything into the could say I'm angry.!!!

Hello Hopefull,

You may be a suitable candidate to get your home adapted and so perhaps not have to move, ie stair lift, flat-floor shower, grab handles etc. Check this page:

click on 'Disabled facilities Grants.'

Hope this might offer you a viable alternative.

breathe easy,


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don't count on anything being adapted by DFG. if you own your own house you appear to be penalised.!!!

I am not in your situation yet. It is a personal thing but if you cant get a bungalow, have you considered a stairlift. You need to consult an expert, maybe approach the CAB, an estate agent or Social Services. I am not sure whether I should mention the word equity. I dont know the layout of your house:

It is a pity about a downstairs loo - again consult social services. You need to ring them up. If they cant help, they can advise. Maybe sheltered accommodation ( your own flat)

I wish you all the best, hopeful. With a name like that, you deserve success. love Annie

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I was also going to suggest maybe a groundfloor flat might be more affordable? or these other wonderful suggestions of stairlift etc. Good luck!

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im in same situation as you and have disabled son so stairlift wasnt option for me as his room is downstairs, so had extension put on so that i can use what was dining room as my room, room is small but enough to sleep in, and use my sons wet room he had a disabled facilities grant to turn our garage into bedroom/wetroom so maybe if you have a garage thats the answer, hope you find a way that suits you good luck xx

Strongly advise that your consult your doctor before carrying out any dietary changes. Probably good advice but your doctor needs to be informed.

Hi Irene

Being in a similar situation to you, I've decided to sell up and get a retirement home. If you look on the internet and search for retirement homes near you it will give you some Idea of the costs. Lots are making reductions in my area. If they are too expensive then how about the council sheltered housing? It is much cheaper to rent from them and you can sell your house as and when. Also the EAC give lots of info on deciding what is best for you.

Good luck

Hi I and my hubby were in that situation. We contacted Social services and we were very lucky they put in a stairlift and a wet room and changed our central heating from warm air (which was really bad for me) to radiators. We only had a little savings so did not have to pay too much towards it.


Was in the same situation some years ago ,had an extension built ,put the cost onto the mortgage ,bumped that up a bit ,but could just manage it ,now have a downstairs toilet/shower.Spare bedroom for grandkids ,visitors etc when I can manage the stairs.

Hope you get it sorted ,would be very careful of the clown advising you to give up all medication.


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I don't know how many other Local Authorities operate this policy, but Monmouthshire County Council are willing to put you on the list for a Council bungalow/flat even though you own your own home. You are then free to sell your old home and live comfortably on the proceeds. (Wish I'd known before I bought my own bungalow!!) Any way, you have some really good points made by some of our Members. Hope things can be sorted for you soon.

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No wonder there's such long waiting lists if homeowners are being given social housing! Case of the have-a-lots and the have-nowts...

Hello EVO1, this is a very old post and you are unlikely to get any response. You will find more up to date posts here:

where you can make polite comments. :)

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I had to sell me beautiful home because of my husbands failing health,we applied to local housing association for him to be put on waiting list for bungalow on the sheltered scheme,lucky he did,nt have to wait long it took 8 weeks from sending in the form till being told they,d found us a property,good luck x

Hi and Thankyou all for the replies,given me ideas,my house is only one bedroom,no garage and I live in a conservation area so can only make certain changes to the exterior,wet room idea is a good one,but expensive I would think,stair lift another good idea,but stupid thing with me is that although I have COPD,Asthma and Athritus I don`t class myself as old(I am 60),until just a few months ago I was working part time,A Stenna used to be a joke with us,it was for old people we used to say,I now realise its not just the elderly that need these things.

I will have to look into some of these suggestions,Thankyou.

annie80 sorry,but not sure what you mean buy your reply,dietery changes ????????,though I seriously do need to loose weight,that is just another problem.Thanks anyway

I answered a very strange message this morning concerning dietary changes. |The writer said to become a vegetarian etc. I wont quote it because it might have been deleted. I have looked for it, gone. I feel like ringing the BLF because it was cranky. Someone else picked up on it as well.

Hopefull -I did ring Mark at BLF. He had seen this strange note that I had answered. He deleted it leaving tha you with a strange answer. It appears that you have lots of good ideas, and wish you well with what you decide to follow. bye from Annie

Hello, my husband is in the same position, we have a very large detached house with an extension, a massive back and front garden with trees, but we have got a gardener and a handyman in to do these jobs. We were going to buy a stairlift but the physio said they do not recommend them, as going up and downstairs is probably the only exercise you will get so it does help if you can manage the stairs. My husband is on oxygen for walking about so we asked the oxygen company for a longer lead and he leaves the cylinder at the bottom of the stairs and the lead is long enough for him to use the bathroom and do what he has to do. He takes three steps at a time and stops for a few minutes, it takes him a while to get to the top but with using the oxygen his sats don't drop. Oxygen will not stop you being breathless but it does protect your organs from being damaged and recovery time is a lot quicker than not using oxygen at all.

We love our house it as always been our family home, and being here and not going into an apartment or bungalow makes us feel 'normal' as we are not changing our lifestyle at all, just making it easier for ourselves by getting help in.

The only problem with moving house is the upheavel and my husband said he could never. ever face it, and does not want to.

I hope this helps.

hi i know that people dont like moble homes but nowadays you can get a nice one for around 70000gand they are better thenused tobe look on rightmove might have to move to a area you dont know BUT YOU WILL MAKE NEW FRENDS love

me agean just look on rightmove you can try phoneing HOMEWISE EST AGENTthey be able to help you they work for the over 60 hope you have some luck

hi im in the same situation. i contacted the ot for an assestment. and they are providing me with a stair lift and a wet room. they have applied for the adaptations grant so you wont have to do any of that. i rang the ot myself i didnt need to be refered by anyone

hope this helps ann

My social work dept arranged to have a chair lift fitted for me. I'ts magic!!!!! I thought because we own our own house we would have to pay however it didn't cost us a penny! This was a bit of a surprise because we are not used to getting anything for nothing!

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