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TB, Asthma and Bronchiactasis

I am writing from Mumbai, India.

I have had asthma for the past 25 years which was under control with the usual medicines.

Last year, I had TB and I took anti TB medicines for one full year.

Now the TB has gone. But I have bronchiactasis.

I have acquired an Hill Rom Vest about a month back and I am using it.

I have also ordered the Buteyko breathing course from Australia.

And I intend using it..

Any first hand share...

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I would strongly recommend you speak to your doctor before starting Buteyko - particularly as you have asthma.



Hi eleena

Really nice to meet you, although I am sorry it is because of these circumstances. I have had bronchiectasis from babyhood and asthma and inflammatory arthritis more recently.

I hope you find the vest beneficial. We don't generally use it in the UK as it is very expenstive (with the exception of some cf wards). I know many folks in the states who do use the vest.

Did you acquire the vest independently or from the hospital or physiotherapist. Not sure how the health system works in India, but you would benefit from seeing a specialist respiratory physiotherapist who will teach you different techniques for clearing mucus, also gadgets such as the acapella, until you find a method which suits you best.

Please take note of Mark's comments regarding Buteyko. I can't comment of it as I have never heard of it and I do know a lot of folks with bronchiectasis internationally and have never heard any of them mention this. So yes I would definitely speak to your doctor or physiotherapist first.

It would be interesting to hear how your health system works in India and it would also be nice to hear how you progress.

With love



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