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I have been prescribed antibiotics (Azithromycin 250mg) as a prophylaxis to take 1 x 3 times a week. Is anyone aware of how this affects us?

I have had asthma all my life with whooping cough as a child and had regular chest infections with probably pneumonia. I was diagonosed with Chronic Bronchitis by GP and then Bronchiectasis by Consultant 2 years ago after having a CT scan. I am fairly active and do daily physio on my own to help keep my lungs clear but phlegm is generally coloured. After having several lots of antibiotics recently my consultant has prescribed antibiotics (Azithromycin 250mg) as a prophylaxis to take 1 x 3 times a week. I'm not sure if I am ready for this and would like to hear from anyone who has taken antibiotics for chest complaints on a regular basis and what side effects or downsides there are to this. Thanks.

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I was prescribed the same as you in 2009/10 which I continued to take for a year. It was to ensure my lungs were kept clear prior to possible surgery. I didn't notice any side effects during that time. Hope this helps.

I was prescribed this by my consultant after having 10 chest infections with very productive cough treated with antibiotics and steriods over a 12 month period

I have been taking Azithromycin now for about 18 months with no infections very little cough and no side effects.

I do not know how long I can take this, but I would be happy to continue for ever.


Hello pollyjj, are you still on Azithromycin and free of infections? I'll be on the same soon,

Many thanks,

Jim :)

I've been on it since March this year. I can only reiterate what Polly said. Almost revelationary - I know I am now tempting fate but having continual exacerbations etc was awful and this has put me on an even keel. I really hope they do benefit you.

Marie x

My dad started on this a few weeks ago and he hasn't said anything about side effects so all is ok there. He has been given a four month supply to see him through the winter as he has been in hospital twice since August and if he goes in again, he may not come back out so dad was willing to try anything x

I have been taking Azithromycin 250 mg three times weekly since September 2010, as advised by the Hospital Chest Consultant. It is only one of several medications which I am taking and there aren't any side effects which I can't deal with.

It is quite common nowadays to be prescribed a constant course of antibiotics and from what I have been told this is a very successful treatment. I would think side affects would be minimal although all drugs effect each of us different. The main thing is to keep your lungs free from infection as each bad infection causes more damage to your lungs - something all of us seek to avoid.

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Hi gold_dawn :)

Like most of us here, I'm also on 250mgs of Azithromycin but I only take one tablet twice a week.

My understanding of its function is as preventative measure for this time of year especially, with so many viruses doing their usual winter rounds. It just keeps us 'topped up', as we are more susceptible to infection.

In order to address any imbalance that this anti-biotic may bring about in my own body, I take a pro-biotic every morning (Bio-Care's Bio-Acidophilus Forte). It's a bit more expensive than most other brands but this one doesn't have a lactic base, which is important for people who suffer from chest/ling problems. Did you know that the worst foods to eat if you have COPD are Grapefruit and Yogurt - as either of these will cause the lungs to produce more phlegm and therefore, harbour infection more easily.

Anyway, my long answer to your question is that I've not had any adverse reaction with Azithromycin, to date. Good Luck :)

Thank you everyone for your answers. They are all very helpful. I am particularly interested by Covenhams mention of Acidophilus. I had been wondering if I should take some of this. Does anyone else have any information of this?

Pete has the same antibiotic every other day and does quite well on it so far. Tried Doxycycline but that does not work as well. The only slight downside is thrush under his right arm! Has cream for that now which does work and also takes a probiotic tablet each day. Hope that helps. Good luck to you. xxxxxxx

Hi gold dawn

I know many broncs who have been prescribed Azithromycin usualy Mon Wed and Friday and some who take 1 a day. Just about all have found them to be beneficial and appear to have less infections. They prevent the formation of biofilms (especially with pseudomonas) so treatment abs can penetrate the bugs.

Sadly for me I get nausea and very bad stomach cramps which really ticks me off as I would very much like to take Azith.

Hope they work well for you sweet.

Love XXX

I take a similar tablet daily, roxithromycin 300Mg.. My pulmonary nurse dais it will act as a barrier against any nasties I might come across when out shopping, or when my grandchildren arrive with runny noses.

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