are there any potable oxygen consetrators that go past 4 to take on a plain

went on a trip and had to take a plain, the portable concintrator only went to 3 and it had a pulse that went to 6, i cant do pulse, so the whole trip i had to be pushed in a wheel chair, i want to walk, i need something that goes at least to four, i hope some one knows were i can get one, i am in ohio and i want to go to jamca and i want to be able to walk around and see everything

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  • Try a company called Airsep and look at the "VisionAire" model.

  • Looked online and that one is for in home use and not portable at 30lbs weight and mains electric powered it would not be on a plain to Spain :D

  • I'm sure your oxygen supplier should be able to recommend one or have a look on amazon type in portable oxygen concentrator there are some on there quite expensive.hope this helps.

  • If you just want in-flight oxygen, British Airways can provide it at no charge at up to 4 lpm continuous. Contact their passenger clearance medical unit, and you will have to get a MEDIF completed.

  • Hello latingirlhyp,

    Found this page on the BLF website:

    I think this is a good starting point. Be aware that most airlines are dubious about passengers using their own equipment on board in case it fails, or may not meet insulation requirements in the event of an emergency. Try to give the airline as much warning as possible so that they can make arrangements to cater for you. Some airlines provide oxygen free, others charge for it. Speak to their helpline staff by phone if you can, mostly they are very helpful, and will arrange for you to get assistance to help you get through the airports.

    Hope this helps you.

    breathe easy


  • Hi

    Give the BLF Helpline a call - 03000 030 555 - we can give you details of companies that hire out portable concentrators. Always check with the airline you have booked with, or thinking of booking with, to see what their policy is - not all airlines allow you to use portable concentrators on the plane.



  • American Airlines fly Cincinnati,OH to Jamaica. They supply oxygen on board, but you would need to contact them before you book to check their costs, and what documents you would need to provide them with.

    Hope this helps


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