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catch up :)

catch up :)

went to hospital yesterday to see the consultant, met another member of "team shimmy" (I'm being cared for by a mixed team of docs and nurses from 2 hospitals). Things are going well, I have more drug juggling to come and I've been refered to see someone about the numbness in my hands too.

The good (if frivolous) thing is that I can drink a little alcohol with all the drugs I'm taking...Christmas... Gluwien! I don't drink much and they agreed that a little wouldn't do me any harm :-)

Hubby took the day off yesterday and as my appointments didin't start til 3pm we snuck off to do some shopping too...worn out today, but happy cos I managed to get a pressie for my Mum.

Today I'm locking myself in my studio, already written up my session plans for the week, need to design some worksheets now....and write a PPP....and print some stuff....lots to do then...might need more coffee!!

Hope all of you are ok, and not flooded out!

Breathe Easy,

Mrs Shimmy xxx

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Good to hear someone happy with their treatment, they seem to be looking after you really well. :-)

Will be interested to hear the outcome of your numb fingers.

polly xx


Doc yesterday said it might just be steroids side effect but wants to explore incase its Carpal Tunnel (which my mum has)


Hi mrsshimmy havent seen you on for while guess we miss eachother lol glad your treatment is going well, know what you mean about tiredness i went to gp yest morning then pulmonary rehab in afternoon and by 3pm i was out like a light! although to be fair that time of day im usually shattered, Hope u get hands sorted ive had numbness but then i have bone probs and recently gout in that arm, i wonder if the numbness and pins n needles are related to lung problems and cirulation. let us know how u get on xx


Glad you enjoyed your shopping trip Mrs. S. and hope everything works out well for you. Take care and wrap up warm. Not had flooding here but do feel for those poor people who have. xxxx


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