Why do I have pain in my right side under rib cage? And coughing

Have nagging dull pain under rib

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  • clinictime.net/Pain-Under-R... Hi Weep, it could be worth getting it checked out, I had something like this recently,it was like a stich and it was sharp and kept coming and going for a couple of days,it was making me yelp out and I couldn't get comfy, then it just went! thankfully I didn't need to go to the doc's, hope you feel better soon,Carol x

  • Thankyou for your kind help went to the walkin centre they gave me antibiotics . X we will see x

  • I visited my consultant yesterday and told him that i had exact same thing ! I have been getting discomfort sort of cramp feeling but mine is a dull ache.Mine was like a stitch too and it was worse as the day went on and my bra didnt help either.He thought it could be the diaphram and a nerve in the intercostal muscle !! He didnt seem to think it was serious but offered me pain killers.Hope you feel better soon.x

  • Hello went to the walk in centre who gave me antibiotics said theirs some infection . Thks for all your help now sneezing a lot thickly throat all over again ugh x

  • I`ve had this pain under my right rib cage for years and if I lean over on the right side of the bed to reach something low, or if I`m bending that side to put my shoes on it sometimes goes into an agonising spasm. Best way I can describe that is as if a ball is being squashed under my ribs. My consultant said it`s "muscle fatigue". When I asked the physio about it she said she`d never heard of it. So best thing to do if it`s new to you is see your doctor. Regards, Sheila

  • hI mskpjb, you have just described what has happened to me in the past on a number occasions to a tee. I though it was just me. With the knowlwdge that others have had this pain i just this minuet googled up symbicort and muscle spasms and low and behold this is a side effect for some. I now take fish oil and Q10 and have not had this happen again. Don't know if its the fish oi land Q10 that stopped it but so far so good. I hope this helped. maureen usa

  • get it checked out if you have it for long.i got it due to straining coughing.but you never know...x

  • Hi i had same on left side and never got anywhere when mentioning it to gp, it comes and goes though but usually weeks at a time, dnt know if its to do with coughing or just part of copd, if you get any answers keep us updated and good luck x

  • Sheila that is a really good example about bending over like a squashed ball !! I have had same spasms as you describe and when I bend over even to make bed it feels all squashed.I am relieved really that it is not just me....when you think about all the coughing we do it must put wear and tear on muscles and air getting trapped in lungs causes that squashing feeling I think.Keep well all xx

  • is it getting worse? I would go to the docs anyway - alway worth getting these things checked out. I was loathe to bother the Doc too much and the practice nurse told me off for not doing :)

  • I agree. I too think it's a muscle reaction to coughing. I usually get it when I move my upper body awkwardly or suddenly.

    The pain is quite excruciating until it goes of it's own accord. But sometimes I can feel a protuberance just below my ribs and if I press hard enough it seems to shift back into place.

    At least now I know I'm not on my own, it's reassuring! On a lighter note I have been known to yell the fword followed by hell...sometimes helps!

  • What you described sounds like a hernia: The feeling of a protuberance, pressing hard and and feeling it shifting back into place, etc. I'm not a doctor, but that's my (un)educated guess.

  • Like everyone says, it would be a good idea to get it checked out.

    I did have this and my GP sent me for an x ray which was fine and then I read in a BLF leaflet and saw on their DVD that this sort of pain can be common with COPD. It's caused by the intercostal muscles tightening as you can't inflate the lungs fully.

    I was given exercises by my chiropractor and it oes if I do them.

    Perhaps ring BLF tomorrow?

    Lynne xx

  • Very interesting! X

  • hi weep

    i have severe pain in right lung all the time, i have no sign of infection or cough

    the pain is constant and unbearable at times, i yelp out sometmes too.

    i have bronchiectasis which i dont think is copd but i am getting concerned about the length

    of tme i have had it, good to know i am not alone

    yake care

  • Hi, go and see your GP before it gets worse

  • I came out of hospital with the same thing in my left hand side after a lung biopsy. The surgeon told me some weeks later that you have nerves running along your ribs in your back and he may have pinched one when they did my biopsy. Aparantly the pain transfers to the front where the nurse finishes.

  • I tutor on a Self Management Program And what we tell Participants. any unexplained consistent Pain do exactly as William 777 says see your Medics as soon as possible. x

  • Thanks to all your helpful comments and interesting diverse diagnosis , we will see if the antibiotics work on me but feel Iams started sneezing again and thickly throat dull ache in my side still but I am to be patient .

    Hope you all are feeling a bit better . Love Weep x

  • Thanks all and Maureen usa I`ll try the fish oil and Q10- why not It`ll go with all the others I have to take! It`s a wonder we don`t all rattle, cough and wheeze. Before long they`ll issue us all with a bell and when we go out we`ll have to clang and shout "Unclean ! Unclean !" I`m sure people think I walk very slowly with the sole purpose of holding them up and getting in the way. Never mind. Up the COPDers!! We keep going in spite of everything and this site is a brilliant support via all the members. Take care, Sheila

  • Hi just a quick answer to your question, have u ever been tested for gall stones? as i have them and sometimes get an awful sharp pain on right side of body then it becomes nagging and dull, i just put a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel onto the area that hurts and that seems to help, i know i may have to get the op. for them soon, but at the time i was in hospital, for something else, when it was discoved i had gallstones, never even thought about it, but was told it would be ok for years, but once i started to get uncomfortable pain, then i would have to have them out. Hope when u see your gp its just an infection and the antibiotics have worked and you feel better, best wishes Janie x

  • I too have had Gall Stones, the pain is incredible so if this has caused a few yelps, as janie62, I would suggest says get a urine test done asap to rule it out. Cut out salt and all fats and see if it helps. Science has moved on and I was pregnant then so had to wait until baby was born before I could have the op. That was 35 years ago, hoping Janie yours remains at bearable until you are ready for the op.

    hope everyone is as well as they can be in this cold.


  • Torn intercostal muscle - little muscles beetween ribs that move when you do? If so, simply being still as possible heals any damage and does not need intervention other than perhaps some Ibuprofen gel rubbed as needed, and a pain med as needed. Patience...

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