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The cold air exacerbates my coughing when I am out, and especially when I am talking. I know I should wear a scarf round my mouth, but is there a particular cough linctus \I can take?.

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Hello Annie. Think it's a question, as always, as to what suits you individually. The hospital gave me Simple linctus which I find works. You can get it in a chemist, tho not all stock it. There are so many. You could have a word with a pharmacist or your COPD nurse. Good luck. Take care and please wear a scarf. Xx

Appreciate your advice and take it on board x

Hello a nice silk scarf rucked up helps on cold days and who wants more drugs if they can be left at the chemists eh. A little time adjusting to a temperature change also helps. such as coming out of a shop and giving the chest time to change before walking was a little tip picked up at rehab classes.

take care xx

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Useful info - thanks x

What you should use depends on whether it is a dry or productive cough. Asking your chemist is good advice. Roll on Spring!

A dry cough occasionally with sputum. Agree with you - roll on spring and make it a sunny one. X

Hi Annie :-) I bought a thing on Ebay called a 'Fleece Snood' for just £4 :99 and that includes the postage.

It goes over my head, round my neck then I pull it up over my mouth and nose and tighten the toggle. Unlike a scarf it stays in place and I can do my coat up too. They come in lots of colours and I am delighted with mine.

Take care, Meg,

where did you get this ? great idea.

Bought mine on Amazon Julie. x

thanks. one on order :)

Thanks, Meg. I am interested and will have a look tomorrow. I like to get out on my buggy and need something. At that price, I might lash out and have two!! Bye Annie

I bought one of those too, mainly for on my buggy. You can have it over your ears and but don't need to cover the top of your head which I don't like

The snood sounds great but Pete would definitely not wear one of those! I have just managed to get him to use a scarf! Silly man!xxxxxxxxxx

They do a similar thing to use if you ride a motor bike which my husband does so I use his. They are very butch.

I am seriously thinking about one but am not great on hedgear. I should be in the winnter.

I love mine,even though I think I bought a mans one it works a treat you can pull the toggles tight so it covers your mouth and nose,great for walking by the sea!

do you not breathe fibres in ?

Hello Julie, it doesn't seem t have fibres unlike my scarf.

Apologies Mods if I am not supposed to post this...

This is the one I bought, make sure you get the one with a toggle..

thankyou so much - I look forward to its delivery ... will be able to be outside in cold :) This one I got has toggles and there doesn't seem to have loose fibres,its got a little picture of an axe and says 'axeman' but because of the picture it looks like 'Taxe man',luckily you can barely see it lol!

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