Hello everyone

Hello all hope you are managing to keep dry. Struggled to get back from London to Cardiff, no trains on Thursday. Finally, got home late last night. Flooding and landslides on track apparently. I hope you are all as well as can be. Tomorrow am celebrating two months as a non smoker and my two sons are delighted, as am I. Take care all. Lizzie xx

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Hi Lizzie. 2 months is great. I hope you are feeling proud of yourself, you should be.

Hasn't the weather been awful. I was working in London on Wednesday and all the trains were delayed going and coming back. Central London was at a standstill and the tube clogged. I left the house at 6.30 am and didnt get back until almost 8 pm.

Lynne xx

Hi Lynne thanks soooo much. I too tried to get out of London by train to Cardiff on Thursday night - it did not happen!!! Managed the journey Friday, but due to all cancelled trains it was chock a block, standing all the way from Paddington to Cardiff. I asked if they could on this occasion open up First Class as there was no-one in it, ......... NO!!!!! It was more than his job was worth - pathetic. Was somewhat like the underground in rush hour but on larger, longer train!!! Took 4 hours to do a normal 2 hour journey. Phewwwww. Am recovering today!!!!

Well done Lizzie !

Fantastic Lizzie!

Congratulations Lizzie, keep up the good work.

Well done Lizzie you should be proud..... :)

Good for you Lizzie given up smoking is an early christmas present to yourself and sons and what a way to start the coming new year. Congratulations.

Love your reply xx

Wow, well done, you should be sooooo proud. So your back in the land of the Welsh now are you? I livein the Rhymney Valley.

thanks to all you lovely people for your comments. Think its only smokers or ex smokers who are able to give the right support, because non smokers have no concept of how incredibly hard it is to fight nicotine addiction. xx

hi lizziec1 well done and congratulations on ur 2 months as a non smoker you have done really well keep up the good work and i know its not easy i tried several times before getting there ! treat yourself to something nice with the money U SAVED! XX

I do treat myself and thank you

your welcome hun just think of the next thing you want as a treat when it gets hard! it helped me to keep going xx

TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you did not give in because of all the stress caused by the trains. Very, very well done.


Well done, keep it going

glad you got home safe in the end

Lin x

Well done you two months is fantastic.

Kim xxxxx

Well done as a recovered addict it is always with us keep safe

How true

well done to you toooo!!!

Well done Lizzie 2 months - yes cardiff is wet wet been flooding around roarth park!

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