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Day out with mam and dad

Hello everyone!

I took a day off work today so that I could take my mam and dad out Christmas Shopping. The kids were in school/with childminder so all worked out. They decided to go to an out of town store that they love and unbeknown to us, they were having a cardholder day so it was manic big time!

After struggling with parking and simply just getting around the store, we bought lots of goodies and they bought me a beautiful jacket that was in the sale and seemed to be just waiting for me. As I have lost a few pounds (yayyyyyy) it was a smaller size and it fit me, well chuffed. I told em it would be my Christmas prezzie so happy with that.

We went for a meal on the way home to a carvery and it was simply delish! Mmmmmmmm. Then back to theirs for a well earned cuppa before getting my cherubs. They had a lovely day and I did too. Fingers crossed for next week, I've booked another day off and I hope to be able to take them to Swansea, their special place so Mr Rain go away!

Hope ur all having good days too, or as best as you possibly can xx

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ta hun, I can't have it til Christmas day tho lol!

Pleased you three had a fab day :-)


You will never forget your day out - happy memories



Good for the 3 of you!

ta hun x

we like these "glimpses" too, I say we because my hubby's family came from Merthyr Tydfil, he likes to hear how your dad is doing there, makes him home sick when you talk of "mam & dad".

I wondered what colour your jacket is, sounds nice.


Well, we had a debate on the colour funnily enuf lol. It looks like denim but is actually cotton and a dark denim bluey sort of colour. Its a fitted one with a tie belt at the front. We went to Marks and Spencer in Culverhouse Cross so he will know that too. I love Merthyr, often go shopping there.

Hi Tanyamarie. Breath of fresh air as usual you are. Rotten day here in the west of Scotland - very cold and flood warnings! Think my Christmas present to myself will be a pair of wellies then the neighbours will know for sure I've really flipped ( I keep setting off for the bus stop which is luckily in my own street then darting back for my inhaler or something else I've forgotten). Hope you have a great day next week also. Your mum and dad whilst unlucky with health have a gift with you as a daughter.

You are too kind lavender1! You should make sure you have enough inhalers handy, always keep one in ur coat pocket etc so you never need run back to the house, if you can run lol. There are some cracking wellies out there........get a real statement pair.

Will let you know how next week goes. Been doing some digging around and have hit the jackpot. Found a mobility place that will rent out a scooter for dad for just £1 with immediate parking next to the shops for next week, so is that fab or what? I'm pleased as punch I tell you.

You take care all the way up there in not so sunny Scotland. Its been lovely all day but an hour ago it started raining again. I got to go and get my girls in a mo so i hope it stops. Taking them to KFC for a treat and then get some food shopping for mam. All in all, a good day.

Sounds lovely i miss them days out with my mum, so glad you make the most of it with your parents, makes it feel more like christmas doesnt it, hope rain goes away for you hun love and best wishes debsxx

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