another week gone???

another week gone???

can't believe another week has passed. I've been busy being ill lol!! I've still got an infection on my lung and the blood results are showing thats its getting worse :( I'm off to see my consultant on Monday so maybe he will come up with something!

I'm busy at work, as I will be teaching a weekend course (well 2 saturdays actually) from the 1st Dec. so this week I've been chained to my PC doing all my paperwork, I'm also working on a commission so busy, busy (not the best time to have an infection!)

the family are great as usual, busy at college and school. The older lads are looking forward to "Christmas Camp" next weekend with the senior Scouts, this is a tradition that was started by my Dad in the 1960's and they still head off every year snow prevented them from going so they had a sleepover in the Scouthut instead! This time they're heading to North Wales...brrr..rather them than me LOL!!!

What's everyone up to?? I havent been following much to be honest, but I'm sad to read that Gordon feels he has to leave.

breathe easy people!

Mrs S xx

the image is how I felt this morning, on the way to the Docs for my weekly blood tests...I'm still smiling and I've had more coffee

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Hullo, Mrs. |Shimmy, I dont think we have spoken before now. Sorry to hear that you have been poorly but very positive with it. How are you managing to work - perhaps you have little choice but take care. I am a retired lady and getting on a lot, but the brain is active. I have bronchiectasis and asthma. Not too bad at the moment, although I do a lot of coughing. Salt pipe has helped with that last night. Summer is a bad time for me.

Both children are grown up with teenagers and live miles away. Thats life.

Take care - all the best to you and everybody else. Annie

I work mainly from home, just 2 eveings a week in school.....I used to teach about 7 courses per week so I've slowed down considerably!

I teach Textiles at night school, I used to teach bellydancing until I became poorly and I'm still involved with one of my dance classes.

.My commissioned work is generally digital print work with hand embroidery and beading.


Hi Mrs. S. I have some usy weeks coming up between now and Christmas too. Partly work, partly family visiting. I was working in London yesterday and had a nightmare getting there and back due to the flooding.

I left home at 6.30 am and didn't get home until 8 pm. The tube was packed out and the roads jammed. Mainly due to the rain there I think.

Lynne x

that sounds hubby has gone to London today and I'm hoping there won't be any train delays!

I think the main problem yesterday was they had to divert trains from flooded lines to lines without floods so it caused delays. Hopefully it won't be as bad today as the heaviest rain in further north,

Lynne xx

certainly is! it's awful here, the kids were almost drowned on way home from school!

Poor you and the kids. This weather is awful isn't it? I got soaked yesterday as it was too windy for my brolly. Just what one needs with COPD lol.

Lynne x

Talking about London, I used to love it in the 50s. I was training to be a nurse at Charing Cross Hosp. One of my memories was running up 4-5 flights of stairs non stop. Changes in medical care amazing. Pretty windy in Herts., too

Admit it Mrs S, you just like my coffee and biccies lol :).

Sorry to see your still under the weather, good luck for Monday, fingers crossed here that all is ok



Hello Mrs Shimmy, Do you do any goldwork, I have just got hooked on it but have difficulty gettibng the threads only found one place in UK Carole

I've never had a go but it always looks so beautiful!

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