Hi, can enyone help me, lately I have had terrible bouts of depression, not sad but aggitated and weepy,

I read one of your blogs that there is anotther med you can take for this which is better as mine isnt working, I see my doc on Friday as now I'm starting to get bad swelling on my ankles + am at the RVI for my yearly check up. at the chest clinic???? can anyonne help please ,thankyou

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  • The help line counsellor Helen will be able to help give a call do not suffer alone

  • HI Helen can we chat on line please x

  • Hi Squirell. Depression often goes along with chronic illness. Try contacting Helen on 03000 030 555. The lines are manned Mon-Fri from 10am to 6pm. You can ask for Helen to ring you back.

  • thankyou Auntymary, its to late to ring now as its after 6pm, but I will ring her, will she defiately ring me back as dont make many calls as to expensive for me ?????

  • I can't guarantee it but I have known others ask and receive a return call. It should not cost too much to ring and ask anyway. In the meantime try moodjuice.scot.nhs.uk/ and getselfhelp.co.uk/cbtst..

    Good luck.

  • thankyou Auntymary, will have a look or w8 until Friday morning when I go to the RVI. thankyou for eing there hun xxx

  • I get bouts like that too, and loneliness. I can't offer much advice other than I laugh, just force myself to laugh and walk around with a constant smile, it does seem to help me.

    It's a horrible feeling I know, maybe we should start a group so all us weepy, lonely and sad peeps can meet for a natter or a rant? Just a thought!

    Mike x

  • I think that a group would be a loverly idea. I to laugh and smile all the time but sometimes as at the moment it gets to much for me, my body seems to be falling apart, Im quite a slim lady but now my ankles are swollen, (why I dont know) shart pains through my back all to pot, still having my glass of wine though as Im not a quitter. just get fed up. If you managed to get sone sort of group going let me know, i'll be there if not to far. thank you for your kind words x

  • Samaritans samaritans.org/ and use contact us to choose how to contact

  • "Mind" is a useful organisation and have said they can work with people like us to help with the depression side of things and to cope better. We had someone from there come to a Breathe Easy group, also gave us some relaxation exercises to do.

    Might be worth ringing your local office to see what they can offer?

    Good luck,


  • I get very weepy when I have a chest infection and I think this is quite common, so might be worth getting checked out.


  • squirell, hope things have improved a little since you posted this ?

    I think this condition is awfull, and no surprise that deppression shows it's ugly head now and again.

    But I'm a bit more concerned about your swelling ankles and pains in your back, Please mention this to your Doc as soon as poss, along with the weepy feeling.

    Keep your chin up, and a smile on ya face, it fools most people.

    :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi Squirell and everyone. I, too, am starting to be depressed more and more as my emphysema gets worse - am housebound now and can't do much at all. I always said thank God I have a good sense of humour which got me through, but even that's beginning to fail me now. I must get weepy 20 times a day. I also have severe anxiety with panic attacks quite frequently when I'm breathless. I think having a chronic illness is like a bereavement, our loss of life as we knew it, the things we can't do anymore, the people we once were. I would suggest the swelling ankles are to do with immobility and the bad back could be from sitting down so much (I get both these things), but you need to speak to your doctor about it, our illnesses are bad enough without having extra things rearing their ugly heads! Always look on the bright side of life, da da, da da da da!! Hope you feel better soon :) x

  • hi Libby, my brother emphysema for many years, he had swollen feet, very depressed and argumentive, he had oxygen the last two years of his life, and i was relived he never went into hospital after he had s collasped lung, the three of us were brought upin childrens homes and that caused depression, i keep a very outing going person, but indoors is a different matter, i shall be thinking of you libby you sound a lovely lady

    love janxx

  • Hi Jan, thanks for your lovely message. It's a horrible thing to say but it's so nice to know I'm not in this alone and there are others out there who know exactly what it's like to have this dreadful condition and all that goes with it. I am very isolated and although I have a son living with me (25), I don't actually see that much of him so do get very lonely. I know there are many people in a far worse situation than me, but it's easy to forget that when you're miserable. Am going to have a try and pretending to be happy and hope it sticks - hahaha! All the best, Libby

  • Thank you for those few words Libby, I don't feel quite so isolated now .

    You wrote - 'I think having a chronic illness is like a bereavement, our loss of life as we knew it, the things we can't do anymore, the people we once were'.

    This is exactly how I've been feeling since the summer and it's got progressivly worse over the past six weeks. I don't know how to help myself through it and I will be calling Helen (BLF) this week. I do remember to count my blessings but some of us seem pre-disposed to this awful 'black dog' condition.

    Thank you again - your words have been enlightening :)

  • I have depression, I have been on ADs now for 7 weeks and they are working, I don't get weepy anymore, I'm more positive and generally brighter. See your doctor, they know that depression goes with COPD.

    Hi Libby7827, I'm a Libby too but I will change to Lib (can't have two Libbys) Nice to meet you.


  • Hi Lib, am sorry you've had to shorten your name because of me (I used to get called Lib too)! It's unusual to come across another Libby, although the name seems to have become popular with parents in the last few years. I have heard of a few in my life, but never known one before! Are you an Elizabeth? Thanks for your lovely comment, I do take anti depressants but they don't seem to be doing much at the moment. My copd nurse is supposed to be looking into getting them changed but, as usual, there are frequently 3 or 4 weeks between visits from her, nothing gets done in a hurry. Am going to call the doc on Monday instead but they're just as useless - still waiting for them to come and give me a flu jab and it's nearly December! My major prob at the moment is the anxiety and panic - it never rains but it pours! But, having looked into my copd meds it seems that some of them have a side effect of anxiety! It seems that copd (emphysema, in my case) isn't just one illness, it's the trigger to many others! Read about your ribs on your post - hope things are easier with the pain killers now. Best wishes, Libby x

  • Hello and apologies I've been out of the office. How are you today? Please feel free to give me a call here at the helpline it would be lovely to talk to you. Helen 03000 030 555.


  • Helen hi

    Do you know if your contact number (03000 030 555) is billed at BT's local rate?


  • PS I can always arrange a call back to you.


  • Why does everyone say depression goes with COPD, I have had it for more than 11 years and am oxygen 15/24 but I am never depressed. There are things I can't do anymore so I just enjoy what I can do!

  • Nope, no depresion for me either - not COPD caused anyway. I have been on anti-d's a few times and would recommend them, I have never had trouble coming off either. This sounds contradictory, but I can assure you it is nothing to do with COPD in my case.

  • Everyone is different and I feel it is understandable to be depressed at times with chronic illness. Some people are alone, many are scared and don't know what the future holds. Pete has many health problems but he has me by his side and family too so is not depressed. He is fortunate and Caroleoctober you probably have a positive outlook like Pete so that is great. Not everyone is the same though so I do feel for those who suffer depression. I have to admit that I have been depressed from time to time too. I have never taken medication for it and not really spoken much about it as I like to be supportive to Pete but sometimes I can get quite low. There, I've said it now. It is good to be on this site and have such wonderful support so take care everyone and never be afraid to talk about things. xxx

  • No everyone with a chronic illness suffers from depression but it is a lot more common among people who have physical health problems. Depression doesn't have to be reactive and it can sometimes occur for no known reason. And having depression doesn't necessarily mean that you are not optimistic by nature or can't accept your limitations.

    I hope you never suffer from depression. x

  • Thinking about your original wording, if you are not 'sad', then it wounds more like anxiety than depresseion. Chat to the doc, or the nurse.

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