visit to the immuologist

Because my immune system is hitting rock bottom I had a consultatation the the Immuologist at the Heath Hospital in Cardiff. After 3 hours came out totally impressed by him who went through my medical history from top to bottom, It was like having a medical mot,

Because the doctors cannot get rid of the bugs that are constantly giving me chest infections after infection, Now I am on antibiotics three times a week for the rest of my days, with a bit of teweaking if necessary.

Seamingly my red blood cell are up the creek so he is tooking after that and on Friday I go to me GP for a HUB Jab. (Please dont aske me what that is cause I dont know)

With blood tests after 3 weeks with the results going to the immuologist I'm impressed I will let you know what happens. On one point he was examining me he said what are these white spots on your back i replied sorry have not a clue he said by any chance have you had shingles i said oh yes about 4/5 years ago, thorough or what.

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  • Good to hear you have a thorough cons looking after you berwick.


  • thanks cofdrop after years of constant chest infections things look good. fingers crossed.xx

  • Sounds like a very thorough check over Berwick. Here's hoping re your results.

  • Auntymary not knowing what an immuoligist done he was a bloody good consultant.

  • Hi Berwick,

    Glad you're feeling more positive after seeing the immunologist, I think maybe you mean HIB Vaccine, I'm being referred myself as my infections like yourself are ongoing :-( I've had the Pneumococcal vaccine twice as well as my flu jabs and my cons said that she's going to refer me to see what my options are.

    Take care



  • Hi Karen your quite correct it was HIB vaccine. Hope that your consultant is good as mine. I have just had my oxygen increased from 16 to 24 hours a day and also I have noticed a big difference. All things going well at the moment. Please let me know how you get on.xxxx

  • Hi berwick - Sorry to hear you have been so ill but good to hear your consultant is on the ball. The Heath Cardiff is my local hospital too and over the last few weeks I have been a guinnea pig for two research projects to help people with copd and I too have nothing but praise for all the staff I came in contact with.

    Speedy recovery berwick - take care BBXX

  • Hi Blackbird my local hospital is the Royal Glamorgan Hospital Llantrisant but was referred to the Health by my lung consultant at RGH. Nothing but praise for my immunologist. take care and good luck. xxxx

  • Berwick & Blackbird,

    Although my "local" hosp is UHW I attend Llandough, so in the meantime it's a waiting game for the immunologist to send an appointment and see which hospital it'll be.

    Have to wait and see what happens in a months time - tomorrow I'm to start oral abs for 2 weeks then sputum test 2 weeks later if results aren't good it's iv's for me :-(

  • Hi bronch be positive and you will feel better and thing will go your way and good luck with your tests.

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