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really worried

The doctor told me my lungs are better than his, told me not too worry about being breathless just made appointment with dietician.

I can smell neighbours smoke in my living room, doc says ive got GAD, gave me anxiety leaflet and put me on citalapram, he told me not to use internet to sort out problems of breathing, just found this on internet

driving me round the bend what to do,sure ive got asthma or copd but sats are 97%

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Anxiety can bring on panic attacks and feelings of shortness of breath. If you remain concerned ask to see a different GP and ask if there is a respiratory nurse at the practice who can give you some spirometry tests.

Good luck

Marie x


Hi Marie. Sorry to hear that you're suffering as you are. Anxiety, panic attacks and depression can all be associated with breathing problems as shortness of breath can make a person anxious. Unfortunately sats do not necessarily reflect the fact that you can be very short of breath. Spirometry test can determine either asthma (which has a reversibility aspect to it), or COPD. Ask your GP for a referral to your local chest clinic or a respiratory nurse at the surgery if they have one. I hope you're feeling better soon. Take care, Richard.


I can only echo what Marie is saying. Ask for a different doctor, or respiratory nurse and explain your fears.

Best wishes x


Why don't you give Helen a call on the BLF Helpline - 03000 030 555 - she can help you with any anxiety issues and panic - she has lots of useful tips on how to deal with these - and as a bonus she is lovely to talk to.

Trying to self diagnose using the internet will drive you round the bend - please call us and as well as speaking to Helen you could have a chat with one of the nurses.

Please call us.




Panic at times when the breathing gets bad but it has not stopped yet (touch wood) so that helps cut the anxiety next time it happens as it tells the mind it is not so bad, hope the tablets do the same thing calming anxiety.


Anxiety and panic attacks can result in shortness of breath, as you have not yet been diagnosed with asthma or copd it may be worth getting the anxiety under control and even though your doctor is indicating your lungs are ok, for peace of mind you may want to ask your surgery for an appointment with the respiratory nurse for a spirometry and peak flow test. 97% sats is pretty good so I wouldn't be worried about that at all.


Sounds like you hyperventilate ,its not very nice l had it for many years and have since been diagnosed with asthma, drink iced water when you have an attack that sometimes helps, but see your dr and ask for more tests ,good luck x


I'm experiencing anxiety of not getting my inhalers before they run out, I find myself in chemists or docs shouting,depression is terrible,I have copd,but find the disease very hard to cope with even when my breathing is good.soits different for us .,at the moment there is not the support we need to cope with this in society.

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