hi everyone i know you havnt heard from me for a while but i have been on site reading the bloggs i am wondering if anyone has problems with legsas i am finding it difficult at times to walk as soon as i get up or get up from my chair my legs hurt to stand on i do excersize them daily but it just seems to be making them worse and when i go to bed and my legs are strait level oh the pain is terrible so does anyone else get this problem please thank you and i hope you are all keeping well as expected ....jan xx

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  • Hi jan, sorry you are having such a bad time, perhaps you should get the doctor in to have a look at you.


  • So sorry you are suffering this pain Jan, as polly says check with your doctor about these symptons. People I know with arthritis and fibromyalgia suffer like this, but to be sure what you are dealing with, a chat with the doc would be the best advice, likely the doc can prescribe something to help you manage the pain better.

    Hope you can get some relief real soon.

    Zoee x

  • you should see doctor a friend had the same trouble and they found blocked arteries in his legs however having stents inserted cured problem not in any way saying this is your problem as it could be stiff joints hope it clears up for you

  • hi thank you all for suggestions my gps are useless they dont give a dam to be honest i have been trying to get my nurse leaving her messages to get back to me but as yet nothing but i will give it another go tomorrow because it isnt nice at all i wouldnt wish anyone to have it i also have the number for blf i am also going to ring them for advice but thank you all 3 of you bless you and you all take care now ....jan xxx

  • Oooh noah that sounds nasty. I agree - go to doctors. Can you change doctors? Hope you feel better soon.

    Bev x

  • hi hypercat thank you for answering me i could change doctors but to be honest iv tried staying with my gps i have now because they know about all my ailments and to go to someone else i would have to start all over again and at the moment i.m so down iv just give up now i.m so tired of it all i do however suffer with osterioarthritus especially in my spine so it maybe thats the cause i dont know i.m so weepy all the time tho and dont know why its so stupid it really is iv been trying to get my nurse this morning and iv left her another message so now i.l wait and see i.m just pushing myself to pull myself out of this state its horrible and i.m so frightend of everything i wont go out at all well enough from me moaning sorry ....... i hope you are keeping alright take care now and a big thank you xxxx

  • I changed my health practice 8 years ago, for different reasons. The old one was a little "iffy" for me. I have never regretted the change. However I didn't have the problems that you have, but for that very reason, you need to have faith in your dr.

    Once I transferred to the new practice, I never looked back. You will be called for an interview. They will see from your medications, your particular problems. Also, I gained a wonderful respiratory nurse. It is a big step. Alternative is to contact your practice manager and voice your concerns.

  • hi annie80 thanks for your reply i know i have to do something but my big problem is i wont leave the house so if i need gp they come to my home because of my fear of leaving the house to go outside so none of it helps me but i just cant go outside and the staff at our surgery think they know better than your gp lol its just all a mess oooh but thank you for replying for me thank you very much xxx jan

  • Just wish you well. I have already mentioned your practice manager. Write to her/him saying what you told me. Help is out there, but you need to make yourself heard. Trying to think what else you can do. Lots of bad health can be very depressing - need to talk to someone. Bye Annie

  • thank you annie bless you xxxx jan

  • noah - I get painful restless legs too especially sitting or lying down. I put it down to lack of exercise i.e. walking (which I find difficult - out of breath so easily) so I was referred to 'Heelers' (at the local gym) by my nurse - 3 months free membership!

    I've been 'cycling' for two weeks now and whilst my walking hasn't improved yet at least my leg muscles have. Plus, it gets me out of the house.

    No luck yet with the restless legs but I'm hoping that soon the exercise will have beneficial effects. (Not tried the walking machines yet - maybe next time!

    In the meantime and as others have suggested talk to your doctor or nurse. If no luck there you should definitely change practice. I did and they have done more for me in the last month than my previous one ever did!

  • hi ciss thank you for telling me all this information i really do appreciate it but my problem is i dont go out at all anywhere because i fear the outside i.m really frightend i have been telling my doctor for my depression this for 3years but all i get is well just keep taking your tablets and you have your laptop so it keeps you in touch with others i take citalapram 40mg plus 3 seraquel tablets a day for this then obviously i have my meds for copd/emphysima codine for pleuracy tramadol for pains in tummy from hernia and i cant walk cus i had a stroke and its left me very week all down right side so as you can see not much fun ey however i really appreciate you reply thank you and you take care and i hope all works out for you xxjan

  • I am so sorry for you noah. It sounds as though your GP is not offering much help in the right direction. Please do consider changing surgeries. You do not say whether or not you have a partner/carer? If you do then let them help you to achieve this. Sounds to me as if the patient 'care' bit is missing. You should not have to suffer in this way without some light at the end of the tunnel, no one should!

  • hi ciss sorry yes my husband cares for me he has to do everything cooking.cleaning .shopping .washing .ironin .everything he is a gem he also has to help me shower get dressed even brush my hair hes brilliant and he has already had a go at gps but i will speak to him about changing gp but i feel so sorry for him bless him he never complains at all nothing is to much for him where i am concerned lol i left a message again today for my respatory nurse to call me but again no answer its absolutely ridiculous but all we can do is just get on with it and keep trying ey but thank you again for your time bless you xxxx jan

  • I cant believe the situation you find yourself in.I know people say phone the GP/nurse or c.hange Gp or nurse but it can take sort of courage to do these things when you dont feel well.I have arthritis -having just had a hip replacement and my mum did have blocked arteries in her legs but your pain needs to be investigated.Do you not have a friend or family friend who could phone and ask for a visit from the doctor or nurseCan you not send an e mail to the surgery requesting meitherGP or nurse to contact you at home.Dont give up asking for help.You are not wasting anyones time.You deserve the help that you need

  • hi hector i hear what ur saying believe me i do my husband phones them when needed but before they come out the doctor phones you first to ask whats wrong then they will tell you if they are going to come out to you or just tell you over the phone what you should do my husband has at times got quite angry with them but they just put phone down on you so not good at all ey i have spoken to my husband about changing gp but now just looking for some other gps that are better the nurse i have from the hospital well what can i say i just dont see her and shes not answering my messages i have put letter into consultant to tell him i.m not seeing anyone so now have to wait to see what happens you say you have arthritus i feel sorry for you as thats not nice at times either is it and your poor mum it sounds to me like you.s have enough problems yourselves bless you but thank you for your advice i really do appreciate it and you and mum take care now thank you xxxx jan

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