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Hi I have had COPD for nearly 4 yrs now and had many ups and downs, at the moment I'm good after a few weeks of emotional turmoil, chest infections, steriods, things were going really bad but now I feel great, have lost some weight which makes a differnce to my health although wasnt over weight, am taking liquorish tablets which have improved my breathing 10 fold. Many people on here have helped me in the past, I'd like to say thank you. and Hello to you all . x

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  • Hope your all feeling good tonight bless you x

  • Hi not I get them from the health shop, liquorish root capsules take two a day, I read it on here awhile ago and thought Id try and they seem to help my be something elso I dont know but anythings worth a try.

  • Hi Zulu, no I been taking herbal tablets which have had the ok from the hospital as nothng in o harm me, Im not over weight but seems to affect my breathing when I put any on, its amazing how a little weight loss improves your breathing as my diaphram not crushing if you understand that. how are you love

  • Where do you get the liquorish tablets that help your breathing,I`ve not heard of it before,will try anything that helps,know what you mean about chest infections,steroids and antibiotics, had similar probs myself for almost 6mths hence my weight gain,heres hoping you will tell us where we can get the liquorish tablets x

  • Hi Hopeful, I read about these capsules from here, as apparently liquorish is good for breathing, there called liquorish root caps and got them at Holland and Barret. take 2 a day they dont help with my weight loss take other herbal tabs for that but have been told they wont harm me as long as I on a good diet. which I try to be, makes such a difference to my diaphram . good luck hun xx

  • So pleased you,re feeling a lot better squirell.Best wishes :) x

  • Hello stranger how are you, its really me thats a stranger as I seemed to loose connection with here for some reason, but Im back now so how are you have you been behaving yourself. Look forward to talk to everyone hope your all well

  • Yes, this site is totally brilliant and people are just lovely. Am now on week 7 as non smoker and have to admit am feeling pretty dam smug about it!!! Ha ha. Have reached the stage where I know I won't go back. Take care xx

  • Helllo Iizziec, You should be pround of yourself hunny, its very hard to give up , well done, it will make a big difference to your breathing I know it did mine. so be as smug as you like Im with you. I cant understand how anyone can continue to smoke when having COPD or lung probs. take care love and WELL DONE keep it up. xxx

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