6 weeks as a non smoker

Hello all

As you can see have reached the dizzy heights of 6 weeks as a non smoker. Or to put it another way 840 fags not smoked...... how amazing is that? Have to admit this week has been the easiest, probably helped by the fact am really busy looking at property. Also changed my car and smoking is banned inside the motor, So overall, not wishing to blow my own trumpet etc etc but feel I am well on the way now and more re-assuringly know that I shall never pick up a fag again.

Hope you are all ok and keeping warm and cosy, in this miserable Nov weather - I positively hate winter in this country. Time for shed loads of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, a few marshmallows floating around and a chopped chocolate flake on top just to round things off nicely. Mmmmmmm yummy. Have a good weekend all. xx

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  • Congratulations Lizzie on keeping off the fags, time for lots of treats. very miserable this morning in Shropshire, very damp and drizzling. You're any 'early bird' like me. Love going to bed and love getting up.

    Libby x

  • Thanks Libby - lovely day in Cardiff and even better apparently, blue sky and sun. Stunning sunset this evening, Lizzie xx

  • Well done Lizzie. Keep it up now, as I'm sure you will. When I did it, someone said to me (an ex smoker) that you know when you have cracked it - its when you stop counting the number of days it has been. Then you count the weeks, then the months (that is where I am - 10 months) and finally the years. That is when it is well and truly behind you.

    Lynne xx

  • Exactly am counting weeks now and then months, am sooooo pleased and well done to you tooooo xxxx

  • super news and please keep it up !

    well done Lizzie xx

  • Oh theres no doubt about it Thank you

  • very well done lizzie x

  • thanks so much x

  • Well done Lizzie x, apart from the health benefits you saved a fair bit of money so go treat yourself....... :)

  • Well done Lizzie (and Lynne). Keep up the good work. x

  • well done Lizzie enjoy your treats you deserve them xx

  • Thank you xx

  • well done and congratulations.

    Sunny spells here in the South today - Wall to wall sunshine tomorrow ;) not bad for November and especially welcoming after the pea souper of yesterday.

    Happy weekend all.

  • Same as Cardiff its been a glorious day, and thanks for your good wishes.

  • Well done Lizzie,and Lnne ,i,m counting in weeks,its week 16 for me,on wards and up wards,its sunny here,but cold :) x

  • Well done isn't it great when you know you can deal with it? The first 3-4 weeks were hell. Sunny here too lovely day. x

  • Nice one Lizzie. Can you now smell the fresh air ? :)

  • Well only if I go down to Cardiff Bay and get a waft of sea air from Bristol Channel!!! Live close to one of the busiest roads here where pollution levels are much higher than they should be. Happily shall be moving soon to somewhere surrounded by trees whoooopeee dooooo.

  • Ah trees. You can't get better than that ! :)

  • Well done Lizzie and stay hanging in there


  • well done Lizzie, clap on back good on you,Im almost 7 months and like you elated I did it,we are richer in health and pocket xxxx

  • Doing great Lizzie! Like poetic lady I'm counting in weeks am in wk 14 now and still feel the wobble a little. I want to be like you and Lynne and able to say I will never smoke again I need to keep remembering the last day I smoked when I was really struggling for breath because of it. Cold and wet in the west coast of Scotland but just back from a week abroad which has cheered me up no end. Hope you get your move and get to live amongst the trees soon!

  • WELL DONE>>KEEP IT UP.. you will feel better and be a lot better off..

  • hi everyone I think this is my first post I was diagnosed with copd about 3 weeks ago I got some leaflets from the nurse but I did nothing about it for a few day .

    I picked them up one day and did a bit of searching on the internet and joined blf I am still waiting for my package but I contacted them today and was informed Im on the list ,

    and tomorrow evening I have an apointment with stop smoking wales so fingers crossed I will kick the filthy habit soon.

  • -Lots of congrattys ! - I wish the dam things had never been invented !!- Keep it up sunshine ! - Vittorio ....Ex Ciggy , Puffer, Now Puffer for Oxygen in stead !! , and with a few more pennies in me pocket as well - can't be bad !!.....

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