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Went for my appointment at our local COPD clinic at the doctors surgery(didn`t know until i got the appointment that we had a COPD clinic),anyway I went in,the nurse checked what meds I`m on then she had me do a spiromtry test(hate em cos always think I`m not blowing right!!!) anyway it was brilliant,best ever and I now have a lung capacity of 56% she said that was very likely due to the fact that I quit smoking nearly nine months ago,September last year when I was told I had COPD my lung capacity was down as low as 42% at one point it was only 36%,It means I have gone from being in the severe catagory to the moderate one.

I spent the first 6months of this year on and off steroids and antibiotics due to excacerbations,I thought I would never stop getting them,I was so fed up I asked my specialist took look at anything he might think was causing it,I was convinced I had suddenly developed an allergy to dogs or dog hair,it turned out this was the case and he decided I had asthma aswell as copd,I was on a beta blocker for a heart problem,the beta blocker had helped make me worse as it shouldn`t have been taken if I had asthma,I was put onto a different type of drug for my heart and touch would I`ve not had steroids or an excacerbation since.

The results of my appointment yesterday has made me even more determined to stay well through winter if at all possible.xx

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  • Well done Hopefull, keep the exercise going, eat healthily, be sure you have your flu jab each year and try and avoid people who may be infected with a cold or the flu virus. Also avoid any wood burners or other air pollutants.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy and easy breathing Christmas and New Year.

  • Pardon change of subject, is Gordon ok. I miss his wise words!!

  • I was wondering that as well!!

  • Thanks for replies so far,ye real shame about the dog hairs arran because I love dogs,not sure I will ever reach into the 60% range,but great to get into 50`s,my names not Zoee,not sure why you called me that arran !!

  • Brilliant news on the lung capacity front Hopefull, but no so good news if you have pets. I've discovered that when I'm close to dogs or cats for any length of time my breathing becomes worse, which is a great shame as I would love to have another Yorkshire Terror since mine died last year :(

    Keep on keeping on :)

  • Good news arran, my last lung capacity had gone up slightly last visit to resp. nurse in the Spring, going again next week, hoping it's the same or better,


  • Oh dear now I've called you arran, sorry hopefull - think we've all been on the happy juice.


  • Great news Hopefull, hope it continues. x

  • Well done on you lung capacity results hopeful - Love Laugh Live BB

  • Thats great news - I am at six week stage of non smoking and have to admit for the first time feel really alive. Its been a long hard slog, combined with working my way through shed loads of mints and nicotine lozenges and its a huge relief to know that I am coming through this. Am hoping your lung capacity continues to improve as I hope mine will now. xx

  • keep at it .it dose get easier and you will feel better and better..kath.x

  • Well done hopeful, I have done a bit of research on lung capacity, this may help also



  • Well done Hopeful - what a fantastic day for you.


  • well congrats and keep it up, Im off cigs almost 7 months and feeling lots better without them,xx

  • Once again thankyou for all replies,trotter thankyou for the two sites you directed me to I`m certain both will be usefull.

    No worries about all the mix ups with names aslong as we get said what we want to say.

    I will say to all who are trying to quit keep up the good work,it is definatly worth it,wish I had never started or at least given up years ago,but we all prob think that,for me Champix and my NHS cessation nurse helped me quit without them I`m not sure I could have done it,still really,really crave one now and again,but the craving soon passes,my house smells fresh,my clthes smell fresh and my breath smells fresh plus my lungs are working much better xx

  • brill news

  • brill news, bad news about the pets though,as you can see i have changed my photo to my pet,luckily the west highland white terriers dont moult,all the best.kath x

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