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was at the docs this morning , will not put me on HRT advise me my coping mechanism has changed and yes I am going through the change , gave me something to help with the night and day sweats , this is in the hope that it will calm me down at night so I can sleep and hopefully cope with everything

He advised by putting me on HRT only delays the menopause

so we shall see

A nice breakfast of tablets , a good lunch of tablets and a supper of tablets with the inhalers

Wow I will rattle , be able to join a band just on rattling :-0

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I couldnt take hrt, that and the pill are just some of the normal drugs that have dire effects on me, so I weathered the storm like my mum, and the rest. Once you get over the flushes coming on unexpected and creeping up your body, it settles down, in my case anyway, to being permanently warm, hate the summer, sit outside in winter, but thats prob just me. oh what we women have to go through. x


I agree with Stitch it's your choice.



My doctor told me that HRT helped to offset the risk of bone damage caused by steroids. I call that a win win situation!


I had to come of HRT when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but was prescribed Clonodil for the hot flushes. Still get night sweats but think that is because of the copd as I am now 70


Hi Jackie. I think its a cheek that your doctor can refuse you HRT unless its on purely medical grounds ie it would clash with your other medicine etc.

Doctors dont like to prescribe it and but you can insist. I had it and it was a lifesaver for me. Sometimes you can 'tough' it out but my symptons were quite severe and at the time I was trying to hold down a full time job so that wasn't an option for me.

Bev x


Hi all thanks for your advice , I will see how I go, what is worrying me is my depression some days is quite severe and my moods .. oh my even I can't cope with them, Work are being good at the moment as its well documented I have COPD , and any change I am keeping them informed. The other thing is HRT does help with bone damage.

Thank you all



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