Spoke Tooooo Soon pppftt

The past week had felt really good for me until I Went for the endoscope on wednesday morning and flush/biopsy came home spent all night and yesterday coughing up blood and have a high temp and now am feeling really ill again even though have been on rescue meds for the past fortnight feel terrible now back to not sleeping coughing up what feels like half my lungs let alone the contents.. If I dare go near the docs they will take me back into hospital... No way am going near there this weekend not a chance am sick of the place.. Annoying as felt brill for me on the tuesday now look :-(

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  • Feel so sorry for you - its such a downer when you had started to feel well. BUT you dont want to get too ill over the weekend! I know you dont want to go to the Doc but what about ringing and asking advise? Take good care and hope you start to feel better very soon. Look after yourself TAD xx

  • So sorry Ali, I do hope things get better for you soon. As TAD says chatting with the doc or hospital about your experience since the endoscope procedure might be a good thing to do, you can tell them you don't want to go back into hospital but do want some advice on your options and what may be of further help to you at this time.

    Take good care and feel better soon. Zoee x x

  • Be ok see how I go this morning if no better will ring docs fingers crossed I am so fed up with hospitals am supposed to be going to see my consultant nest tuesday for all the 2 latest ct, fev1, and all the recent tets xxx

  • Haha my typing hasn't improved any either :-/ lol

  • Sorry you are feeling so unwell again Aligoddard. Good luck next Tuesday.

    C XXX

  • Thank you cofdrop xxxxx

  • Feel better soon Ali


  • look better to feeling better again soon :) xx

  • Aww I am on the mend and stopped coughing up blood still have a temp but am ok xxx hugs xxx

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