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Lung Volume Reduction Coils

I have now had my appointment and said I would follow up. ON Tuesday I went to the Royal Brompton and had tests ie Echo, CT scon annd Lung Function test. They showed that I was a suitable candidate for the Coils trial. Apart from these tests you have to have completed a Pulmonary Rehab course. They then send your info to Americas as they are the sponsors of this trial. If they agree that you are a candidate then the trial can go ahead. Via computer generated selection 50% get the operation 50% are put in a controlled group. If you are in the controlled group then you have to attend the clinics for a year and after that you can have to coils operation too.

Hope that info helps Davey1192

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Thanks for the info. Very interesting. I wish you luck.

Thank you. I will post with up-dates as they happen.

Hi Eepee

I had tests at the RB a few years back and they are excellent. Here's a link to the LVRCoils manufacturer - hope it helps:

Thanks Jemma. Did you have any procedures done?

Hi Eepee

I went to RB supposedly for tests for suitability for Stents but got tested for LVRS - that was in 2008 some time back. I really didn't want the LVRS although I saw a patient who had just had part of their right upper lung lobe removed - just a thin scar under the breast and two "holes" for instruments under the right arm - very neat job indeed. No sternum cutting.

I mentioned to my Consultant about Endobronchial Valves and, at the end of 2009, he said I was a "very suitable candidate for for Valves". To cut along story short my name was on his list but he retired in 2010/2011 so nothing happened. I see their new Consultant next month and hope that things haven't been left too late for me.

Yes, I have seen Davy's posts - very interesting.

Thanks for comments jemma. I was not suitable for LVRS as my breathing stats would not cope with major surgery. I wish you well for your appointment next month. Who knows our paths might cross.


did you ever have the op?

Hi Ratatouille, no I didn't have the op after the initial tests as I failed the CT scan as it showed I had Bullae in the bottom right lung. In September 2013 the Royal Brompton contacted me again because the criteria I had failed on had changed but I would have to re-do the tests. This time I failed on the lung function test. If only I had got accepted the first time around. :-( Very disappointed to say the least. Thanks for asking. Are you being considered for an op like this?


Yes I am suitable for valves but waiting for funding. Sorry to hear you didn't get the op

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