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World COPD day events

Did any of you go to a world copd day event today?

We in Dundee had a copd olympics event, and a great day was had by all. It was well attended by patients and nurses, even a consultant. We did bowling, foam javelin, football dribbling, netball shooting, excercise bike etc. We were in 10 teams and did 5 minutes of each activity. It was so much fun. We finished with refreshments and raffle, then medal ceremony haha. Delighted to say that our team got bronze medals, and hope the word got out to more people too. Well done Dundee.

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Glad you enjoyed your day but I don't think there is much chance of lots of public awareness raising when most of us COPDers did not even know about it!

Hi ingy

I helped promote World COPD day at City Hospital with Breathe Easy Nottingham.

Richard Cornish


join your local know it makes sense,details BLF

I attend my local Breath Easy,a bit boring but it fills in time and so far the speakers have been very good,but for certain I hadn`t a clue it was COPD DAY and was at Breath Easy last Thursday,as I said in a previous Blog I and 5/6 others who went to pulmonary rehab at the same time meet every Wednesday for coffee/tea and a natter(anyone out there with lung probs or any breathing probs are welcome to join us,just inbox me for more details)pity we didn`t know it was COPD DAY we could have organised something different ie:possibly a fund raising event

Oh dear, I wondered if that might be the case, as there was no mention of any events here. I was reminded by my respiratory nurse, and there were posters in community centres etc. Breathe easy was very much involved too.Not every town has an event, but I can see the reason why. It seems that nobody wants to undertake the planning. Either that or pleading ignorance. Do you know that balloons were released at 3 pm all over the world? Thats a simple thing to do if there is no event. Tell your rehab nurses and breathe easy groups that you knew nothing about world copd day, and let them know you would have been interested, and put it in your diary for next year. We need to spread the word about copd.

And IPF ? I did know about the day, but there was nothing on the national or local news that I could see......I guess the problem is that if you have a lung condition you probably use all your energy keeping as well as possible, if you're a carer then you may well have your work cut out in that role. Must try harder next year.......


Hi we didnt have a day like that, that i know of but sounds great fun and we could all do with some of that xx

Yes Gidge, all lung desease :0) It WAS great fun June, and well done King. I was lucky , I had a transplant recipient on my team, he was awesome, so fit and healthy looking, I enjoyed hearing his story. xxx

I was at the Royal Glamorgan hospital in Llantrisant with Gilfach Goch Breath Easy, South Wales. A good day raising lung disease awareness. We also raised £133.20 for the British Lung Foundation:-)

Good to know that some of you had good days .Unfortunately I think these "special " days have been overused,for all I know next Monday could be "The 2nd athletes foot day "

There are so many of these things that they have lost their effectiveness .

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