Me and my dad

Me and my dad

For two and a half hours, three days a week, my two year old goes to a council run playgroup and I have always used this time to do whatever mum or dad needs/wants. Shopping, cleaning, errands whatever. Sometimes just being with them at home and watching tv, whatever, I enjoy it all.

As it was dry today and not tooooo cold, dad wanted to go out this afternoon, to try and see how he coped. Mam hadn't been well this past week, the caring is really getting too much and she has been having chest pains (part of the angina) and not telling dad. she wasn't well enough to go and dad was a tad down but I said the quiet time would do mam the world of good and we could still go out, just like the old days. So we went to a local lake that mam and dad both love and I got us a takeaway cuppa and slice of cake to eat in the car from the cafe there. The view from the car is beautiful and we just sat there and enjoyed.

Dad did want to drive but I advised him to take it one step at a time and it was far too windy to take him out in the wheelchair around the lake. That was disappointing but at least we got out and dad managed it fairly well. He was quite rough when he got back home and had to take a bit of time to come round with his breathing properly but that is the norm now upon any movement. He did say that he had a lovely time and it was great just going out and being part of the real world again.

I loved every minute of it, just me and my dad xxx

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  • That's lovely - it's so important to feel normal, and getting out and about is so much of that. I reckon you and your Dad are so lucky to have each other !


  • Lovely post. Glad you both enjoyed your day, and your mum probably enjoyed a bit of time to herself too. x

  • What a lovely post. I never had children but am lucky enough to have a large family, just hope they are as thoughtful to me.

    Kim xxxx

  • Lovely to have quality time with a loved one wishing many many more

  • So pleased you and your dad had a fantastic day, I hope your mum had a good relaxing rest to lift her spirits a bit.

    Take care



  • i am pleased your dad enjoyed his outing, i have wonered if your mum can have more help, i know you are doing is wonderful and i admire you every much, but look in whether your mum can have extra help when you are not there.

    welcome to the site it is very good

  • It is so great that you all have each other and you must really enjoy your time together. Nice post tanyamarie. Take care xx

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