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Mettalic taste

Hi, I've had Bronchiectasis for a few years and I've recently been diagnosed with a chest infection and this time ive had a terrible cough where ive actually lost my voice. Today I've been coughing up mettalic tasting mucus, this is the first time I've ever done this and no matter what I do i can't get rid of the taste ( I've brushed my teeth, used cordosyl mouthwash and even sucked on mints). I wondered if anyone else has ever had this and what might have caused it.

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If you've been taking antibiotics or other medication these could be the cause, although Bronchiectasis can on it's own be a cause of the taste. Go to Bronchiectasis R Us it's a site especially for Bronch sufferers and is a mine of information.




I too suffer with bronchi and always have the metalic taste,it really is horrible and Im always brushing my teeth.I think it must be the medication we're on.


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