Lost a very important body part today!

Been in limbo for 24 hours, was I going to get a bed at RBH or not, slept fitfully, up at ten to six, walking Lottie Dog at seven. Not something I usually do so early, but feeling hot and flustered thought a gentle walk would be calming, which it was. Lottie has a new nickname, "Pork Scratching," and called her my "Wee little pork scratching," when ever I called her back. Got back home on 7.30 am, and that was it totally lost it, sat on the sofa, hugging Lottie telling her she was my special little girl and how daddy would look after her, and sorry she was being boarded at the vets during the next few days, and it wasn't for ever. God almighty like she would understand! I am only away for ten days, but feel like a vital part of me is missing. The withdrawal symptoms by tomorrow will be out of control, so if you have heard on the national news that mad patient on the rampage at the Royal Brompton Hospital London it is me!

The sad thing about all of this apart from being apart from Lottie, is that darling Richard (husband) didn't even get a peck on the cheek before he left for work, what am I like? Answers on a post card please!

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  • Awww Daxiemad, I hope it all goes as smooth as possible for you.I'm sure your little Lottie can understand everything you tell her,my dog Rexo he even seems to know how to spell ! b e a c h ! and I daren't mention the 'bone' word lol! I'll be thinking of you,the time will fly by and you'll soon be back home! hugs Carol xxx

  • Think of it this way lottie will probable have a better time than you Hope all goes well at RBH

  • Thanks guys, my dog is so clever she recognises my actions like closing the bedroom window means going out. Cleverer more than I give her credit.

  • Hi there

    I am also in RBH tommorow but only as an out patient for Lung Functions and I feel stressed enough, so I think you are entitled to a wobble. Hope all goes well for you.

  • Good luck with your visit Andreafm, hugs Katina

  • Hi Daxiemad

    I think pets do know what we are saying - good luck in RBH - we are thinking of you!

    Best Wishes


  • Good luck Daxie, thinking of you at the RBH. I bet Lottie understood every word you said and she will miss you but be so happy to see you home again soon. xxxxx

  • I definitely know that my little dog understands my emotions better that my hubby I do honestly believe that she is more sensitive that way. Maybe I'm the mad one but I don't think I am. I bet she enjoyed all the attention you gave her this morn. It's always worse waiting to go into hospital that being in there. Hoping that everything goes smoothly for you.

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