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Flu Vaccine reminder

Hi Again

Just a little reminder to those people who are entitled to a free flu vaccine just how important the vaccine is.

According to the Department of Health last year only 50% of people with respiratory illnesses had the flu vaccine. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) have found that people with chronic respiratory disease are 7 times more likely to die if they develop flu symptoms than people with no underlying health conditions.

Something to consider if you haven't had the vaccine yet.

Best Wishes


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Thanks for the reminder Jo.

I'm starting to worry about not getting my flu jab yet, as i've been really unwell for nearly six weeks now, and was told by my surgery that I cannot have the flu vaccine until i'm well. Problem is that once i go downhill with a bad chest at this time of year it could be months till i pick up again.

Hope everyone else is keeping as well as possible


Huff, sorry your not well, same thing happened to me few years ago, I ended up having the jab when I was not well, no one said anything at that time and it did not seem to affect me badly, maybe they know more now.

hope you get through it soon.

Thanx for reminder jo.


I'm really not too sure about the flu jab, there's been a lot of talk about it being ineffective and not being to good for you too. Last year I had the flu jab, which they said covered 5 major flu viruses. So, I thought I was going to be well OK for the winter with no chest infections caused by the flu. Wrong! I had virtually cold after cold which gave me chest infection after chest infection more or less five times in a row. I've never seen my GP so many times and all I was given was Anti-biotics, which was just making me feel sick all the time, a totally bad experience.

I've refused my flu jab this year to see if I can get through the winter without a cold or Flu bug getting me, I really do not want to ever go through what I did with chest infections like last year. But! now I am doubting whether I'm making the right choice by not having the jab. I went down with some bug a couple of weeks ago that went straight to my chest, no cold or flu like symptoms just the gurgling of the Flem building up in my lungs and then the problems with breathing.

So, now I'm stressing over whether Do I or Don't I go get the flu jab.

Sorry for bringing such a negative pause to your post, but I have to tell this to someone who will listen to me and the members on this site certainly do do that, listens as well as advise. :)


Hi CliveD

I'm sorry to read you had such a horrible winter last year. The seasonal flu vaccine covers the 3 strains most likely to be prevelant in that flu year (September - April).

Unfortunately this does not protect you from other strains of flu, other viruses or bacteria and the common cold is a virus with no vaccine yet. People with underlying health conditions are more at risk of flu causing chest problems and developing into pneumonia.

Unfortunately we can't tell you to have the vaccine - i think you can only weigh up all the information before deciding.

If you would like to discuss this with us - call us on 03000 030 555.




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