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good morning

I have had to find a way to to reach unmentionable parts that the sun never sees to maintain hygiene as best I can being on the large size with limited limb mobility cant reach

A sponge tied on a stick is my solution

I do not know if there are proper aids available and wouldent know how to find anything

can the blf help

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I think possibly your local mobility shop or our county council has a shop run by ot, that has loads of different items for people with mobility issues, think they have to refer you to it, but i noticed when i went there they even had cutlery for people that had suffered strokes etc so maybe worth asking im in the south east not sure where you are, but as they say u dont loose anything by asking! good luck xx You may even get other alterations done that you didnt know about to help you!

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Filled in a form for DLA for my husband to get a car he can not walk much does it need another about cleaning on a toilet. Very hard to understand but a woman at citizens thing at the library wrote out a lot when he was sleeping in the house.


I Googled " Bottom wiper for the disabled " and there are quite a few products out there.

Please be advised there are a couple of " rather crude " links in the list as well.

Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Hi There

Getting washed is something we just take for granted unti we have difficulty doing it!

There are long handled washing aids out there on the internet - one website i have found is listed below! There will probably be others around aswell. ASlso just to ket you know the BLF does not promote,recommend or endorse any particular products or services.

Call us if we can help you further - 03000 030 555.

Best Wishes



There are a selection of long handled bathing & grooming aids available from :-

Hope you find something to suit your needs


you may also find this useful on a seperate page to bathing aids.

Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation


There is also an organisation called the Disabled Living Foundation - they have guides on buying equipment.

best Wishes




I get a good pamphlet from the Discount Mobility Shop

They have everthing you want in the bathroom area!

Well worth a look, they do lots of different back and foot washes,,you can also get VAT free

If you are registered disabled.

Try and see.



I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart everybody who have taken the time to help me

I live on my own very sheltered from most things was in the army so always just made do from what you can get your hands on

these aids look just the job thank you


Hi Donald, is that from the heart of your bottom too? I agree that it's difficult talking about these things, but many people on here have the same problems, or will have (be warned everybody!). I've commented a couple of times about my DLA application including this type of information, where I get sharp chest pains trying to reach round behind. However, I have had it pointed out that the 'toilet brush' is not suitable...

I had someone out from the council to look at problems about the home. We don't have room to install a bidet, which would have been an option in this area. Going out in the yard with the car pressure washer isn't really on either. :-D You have to smile, the other option does not do anyone any good...


I did try the toilet brush once could not sit down after

So do you just endure the sharp chest pains reaching round still or have you found the solution to the daily agony with one of these sponge bob gadgets Gordon


I'm afraid it's still the pain. I need to stop when I get that, wait a while, then try and carry on. I make sure that I wash thoroughly in the shower, it's a little easier when stood up under running water. Can't be doing that every visit though :-(


Ask social services to send out an Occupational Therapist to see you they may be able to help with other things as well as this.



Donald you do not say if you have COPD or some other lung condition, but it may be a good idea to ask your gp or consultant or respitory nurse about pulmonary rehab. It is gentle exercise that helps with the breathing and if you exercise it could help your weight issue too


I have recently attended a PR course and they had an occupational therapist attend one day. She brought catalogues and discussed various aids and how best to get them. At my local hospital (Epsom) they have a WRVS shop which stocks a range of aids and the sponge on a stick device was one of them. I bought a long handled shoe horn and it has been a blessing. I found the WRVS quite cheap too.

In addition to COPD I have had a shoulder replacement which means some parts (where the sun don't shine) are difficult if not bloody painful to get too

I'm sure your COPD nurse or respiratory consultant will know of facilities in your area.



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