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Oxygen teetering around 85%

Had a bit of a day,

had my sis and baby nephew over for the evening last night and my little one flooded my house heard a noise walked into the kitchen wow water everywhere ruined the new plastered walls everything saturated in both the kitchen and bathroom arghhhh

The stress kicked off the tachycardia then oxygen dropped , its since last night been teetering around 85 to 90% although have another bad chest...

Why can't we just have 1 week without endless crap and illness and problems it is getting me down the ceilings a mess and am fed up pppfttt

Hope you all have a better Weekend lovely people xxx

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Thanks Mary xxxx Hugs


We have a resident oxygen expert that will be along shortly no doubt, until then consider calling a doctor if it does not improve soon. Hard when down to see that life can have better times but it can with friends around.


I will Jk :-) Breathing is a bit pants this morning used my neb doubled up save messing about with both the salbutamol n atravent combined eased it a bit, but then pushes my heart rate further vicious circle am afraid... pppfttt

Be ok if it falls any lower will ring my respiratory team :-) x


Take care x x


(((hugs))) hope things improve for you soon :-)


Stress doesnt help things. Hope things calm down for you soon. (((((hugs))))


No it just makes everything far worse :-( Am ok if my sats don't improve by 4 ish will ring medics or my nurses be ok xxxxx


Rest up and let someone else sort the mess. Hope things begin to improve for you real soon.


Hope you have a lovely restful sunday x


Hi Ali,

i'm sorry your going through it again what crap,

chin up sweetheart sending you hugs

rose xxxx


Hi hunny aww thank you it will be ok just poorly again on top of everything happening..

Hope you are ok babe ? xxx Hugs xxx



I know it's it's hard but try relax and don't let the stress levels kick in, the more you get stresses the more bad you will feel.

I know things look bad just now but it will all dry in and if need be go through your home Insurance.

Sit back-relax and think of yourself. I'm sure if we all stayed local to you we would all be down in a zippy to muck in and help you sort out the water problem.

Take care



Aww Hi David,

My sis took over everything is drying out a bit the ceiling isn't brill but not alot I can do really..

I have not been with it at all today dead jittery, shakey and not with it at all with my oxygen dropping :-(

Not to worry it will be ok



Stress really does make things much worse for many of us people. Likewise I get tachycardia and am in A fib at the moment so know what the problem is with oxygen levels dropping the more stressed we get and with heart rate rising. I am lucky in that I have oxygen so have more of it in cases like yours. Sats of 85% are bad and you really need to have an urgent chat with your respiratory nurse, or if your sats stay that low get off to A and E. They will help you by giving oxygen, and the chances are you will be referred right away for oxygen assessment. Do not let it stay that long as if it does it the low sats will make you ill. Take it from someone that has been there, wore the t shirt and knows:-)

The best thing to do is what others have said. Let others sort out the mess. I am sure your family and friends will realise the help you need and muck in. Take a deep breathe, yes I know it is hard, and just get as laid back as possible.:-) Hope it gets sorted soon:-)


Aww Thanks hunny the mess is drying now and I do call 999 when 02 drops to much and when bpm get to high then they give me oxygen etc I for months keep going into Respiratory Failure etc grrr getting so fed up of being ill constantly and constant chest infections now living on both steroid/antibiotics etc etc daily can no longer come off them :-( xx


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